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It is an online writing game that helps the user write more using game mechanics like monsters, item rewards, quests, and a fully immersive world to explore. 4thewords is here to push the user or writers’ daily word count and to help them to maintain a consistent writing habit. 4thewords is a role-playing game, in which the user accomplish battles and quests by keeping track of word count. Users will create/customize a character at the beginning, and the story premise is simple; the Oge-Mai Valley has been beset by magical dust, the nature of which the user will explore as the user advance in the game. “Dust warrior” is simply the friendly term for these characters. The game interface is fairly simple, users get a drop-down menu on the right side and there are three categories of activity on the left. Starting with the dropdown menu on the right is the Dashboard, which includes the character’s current statistics, a bio blurb, and a calendar. The calendar will keep track of how many words the user has written each day, which can be seen and compared afterward as well and what becomes more important is their streak. When the writers write a minimum of 444 words each day, users will get on a roll and get their streak going. Users will earn little prizes the longer they can keep it going.

If 4thewords is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to 4thewords which you will surely enjoy.

So, We have got your back! if you want to try some other Games, Programs, Sites like 4thewords then here are some of the best 4thewords alternatives that you should try:



Best Alternatives To 4thewords

Write or Die

Write or Die is an online web application designed to combat writer's block by letting users of the application punish themselves if they slow down or stop typing in the application's window. How severe the punishments depend on the mode the user chooses, which ranges from "Gentle" to "Kamikaze" It was reviewed by publications PCWorld, the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian, and it was most notably used by writers Helen Oyeyemi and David Nicholls. The creator, Jeff Printy, explained that he wrote the application because he wants "to be published and make a living as a writer. Now you can Write or Die wherever you are! Works for both iPad and iPhone. Android version coming soon.

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Fighters block

Fighter's block! is a very basic online writing app on GitHub. It allows the writers in the journey of simply getting started by giving the actual entity who lacks the motivation and inspiration. Writers can select an avatar from a few of the collection and option which is given during the first time while playing it. Users and writers can also set the word count like 500,1000 or any number which is in the mind of the writer before writing it. It also has a pause feature, but the health icon won't decrease as it gives time to think about what they are writing.

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The Most Dangerous Writing App

The Most Dangerous Writing App is a web application for free writing that combats writer's block by deleting all progress if the user stops typing for five seconds. It is targeted at creative writers who want to write first drafts without worrying about editing or formatting. The app is designed in such a manner where users and writers can come out with the editor within oneself or getting in a flow state. Users start a writing session by choosing a time or word limit, and can only save or download their work if they complete the set limit without interruption. There is an optional hardcore mode blurs out everything the user has written so far, making it impossible to edit before finishing the writing session. The Most Dangerous Writing App was created by software engineer Manuel Ebert and was released as free, open-source software on February 29, 20. It has been used in free writing contests and is recommended by NaNoWriMo. In April 2019, The Most Dangerous Writing App was acquired by Squibler, but its original version remains freely accessible for its users and writers.

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Writing Streak

Writing streak is a simple but powerful app that helps writers to develop a habit of writing and it helps in showcasing the graph and statistics via graphs of each day which motivates the writer to have an idea about how much they have written within a week, month or a year. Even writers can analyze the data-wise as well. It helps writers to develop a habit of writing daily. Writing streak helps in achieving the writing goals, measuring progress, and also to master the art of writing.

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Written Kitten

Written? Kitten! is a unique app in which for every 100,200,500,1000 words the writers are rewarded by getting the random pictures of kittens randomly selected by the flickr's. it helps and motivates the writer more and are rewarded in quite a different manner. The drop-down menu not just offers the kitty pictures but also the bunny and puppy pictures.

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Flowstate is an app that deletes everything if the user stops writing. It is a digital tool developed in ancient writing disciplines. The features and functionalities of this app are very easy to use with and intuitive interface.

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