A Soft Murmur

Soft Murmur is a website and a smartphone app that allows users to generate personalised ambient soundscapes for concentration, relaxation or meditation. The platform includes a wide range of sounds, such as nature sounds such as birds, water, wind, white noise, and city sounds, which may be mixed and blended to create a customised sound environment. Users may also individually modify the volume of each sound and save their unique soundscapes for later use. The platform also has a “sleep timer” option that allows users to set a timer for the soundscapes to switch off automatically. A Soft Murmur can be utilised for a variety of activities such as learning, working, sleeping, or meditation.

If A Soft Murmur is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to A Soft Murmur that you should consider utilizing.

So, find out which alternative is the best fit for you by trying some other [category] like A Soft Murmur through our list of the best A Soft Murmur alternatives so far:



Best Alternatives To A Soft Murmur


Noisli is an amazing online application that allows users to create personalised background noises to boost their attention, productivity, and general well-being. It covers a vast range of ambient sounds, such as rain, thunder, wind, and forest, which may be blended to create a customised...

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Brain.fm is a music and audio platform that offers scientifically-backed music to help with relaxation, focus, sleep, and meditation. The platform generates music using a proprietary algorithm based on scientific principles of how the brain responds to sound and rhythm.  The platform is available on...

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Coffitivity is a website that offers you various relaxing sounds to boost your workplace efficiency so that you may work in a stress-free atmosphere. It offers three settings to choose from: "Morning Murmur," which simulates the early morning cacophony of a café, "Lunchtime Lounge," which...

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Generative.fm is a website dedicated to the creation, sharing, and discovery of unique and dynamic music. According to the preference of users it employs powerful algorithms and machine learning techniques to produce fresh and creative pieces of music in real-time. Users can even configure and...

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GetWorkDoneMusic is an online music platform that aims to improve people's productivity and attention while working. It features music for every mood and work style, from ambient soundscapes and peaceful acoustic melodies to vibrant electronic beats. Along with this, It provides a handpicked collection of...

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Moodwill is an amazing mood tracker software that assists users in monitoring and improving their emotional well-being. The program analyses users' emotions using powerful AI algorithms and provides individualised insights and recommendations for improving their mental health. Not only this, but it also offers a...

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Blissful Noises

Blissful Noises is an online platform that provides a library of background and tranquil noises to assist you in creating a more pleasant environment. It is one most satisfying and convenient methods to add a bit of peace to your life. Blissful Noises offers a...

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Blanket is a one-of-a-kind program that allows users to listen to various noises in order to improve their sleep, relaxation, and general well-being. Users may select from a wide range of background noises, modify the volume and tone, and even set a timer to fall...

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myNoise is an online ambient sound generator that allows users to generate and personalise a variety of soothing and peaceful soundscapes. The app includes a sound collection of over 200 distinct sounds, ranging from rain and thunder to white noise and binaural beats, all of...

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Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is a website that allows you to immerse yourself in the soothing sound of rain without getting wet. It has an interactive function that allows you to alter the strength of the rain and thunder noises to your liking. Rain on a tin...

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Noizio is a terrific program that allows users a range of customisable ambient noises to help them focus, concentrate, and relax. Users may design their own soundscape to fit their requirements by selecting from over 30 distinct noises, including rain, thunder, white noise, and coffee...

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