Autolib’ is a French electric car-sharing business that aims to make city mobility simpler, cleaner, and more sustainable. It operates in Greater Paris and provides a fleet of electric automobiles for short-term rentals by minute, hour, or day. Users can use the app or website to find available cars and quickly reserve and pick up the car at one of the city’s many charging stations. Users have to return the car to any Autolib’ station at the end of their excursion which makes it easy and adaptable for their transportation needs. It promises to minimise traffic congestion and pollutants while also making electric cars available to everyone as an alternative to standard automobile rental services.

If Autolib’ is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to Autolib’ that you should consider utilizing.

So, find out which alternative is the best fit for you by trying some other [category] like Autolib’ through our list of the best Autolib’ alternatives so far:



Best Alternatives To Autolib’


It is the world's largest car-sharing platform, providing automotive bookings to its members. Using it, city inhabitants have a viable alternative to conventional vehicle ownership. The thousands of hubs that it has throughout the globe make it one of the world's most extensive car-sharing networks....

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Car2Go is a car-sharing service that lets customers borrow automobiles for short periods of time. The membership-based business provides a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional automobile rental and car ownership. The best thing about it is that it operates in a number of locations...

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Turo is one of the largest car-sharing marketplaces that enables you to easily book a car anytime and anywhere around the world. It offers a huge range of cars, trucks, pickups and others vehicles according to your need. It has millions of listed vehicles from...

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City CarShare

City CarShare is a car-sharing service that lets users hire automobiles according to their needs. City CarShare is a handy, versatile, and pocket-friendly alternative to owning a car, particularly for people who only require a vehicle on a limited basis. The service is available 24...

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Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare is a car-sharing business that provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional automobile ownership or rental. It offers a huge variety of vehicles ranging from tiny cars to SUVs, allowing you to select the best vehicle for your needs. Users can access this fleet...

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Getaround is a vehicle-sharing company that links car owners with those who require a car for a limited time. When car owners are not using their vehicles, they may hire them out through the platform, providing a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional car rental...

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FlightCar is a car-sharing network that links travelers with car owners looking for a simple and cost-effective alternative to store their automobiles while they are away. The platform includes a variety of safety and security measures, including extensive insurance coverage and 24-hour assistance, to ensure...

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Roomorama is a website that helps tourists identify and book unique holiday homes and lodgings all around the world. The site offers a diverse range of lodgings, including flats, villas, and mansions, as well as unusual and eccentric accommodations like treehouses and houseboats. Roomorama is...

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