E-mage is a program that allows users to batch-process and edits digital photographs as it comes with a wide range of features and functionality such as the ability to rotate, resize, and crop photographs, as well as add borders, text and watermarks to them. The program can handle a huge number of photographs in a single batch and supports a variety of image formats such as BMP, JPG and  PNG   It is meant to be simple and easy to use, with a basic interface that allows users to get started with image processing quickly. This makes it perfect for users that need to handle a large number of photographs or make fast modifications to several images at the same time. 

If E-mage is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to E-mage that you should consider utilizing.

So, find out which alternative is the best fit for you by trying some other [category] like E-mage through our list of the best E-mage alternatives so far:



Best Alternatives To E-mage

RIOT- Radical Image Optimization Tool

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is a strong yet easy-to-use picture optimization program that helps users to minimise the size of their photographs without losing their quality. Users may compress their photos using a range of advanced compression algorithms, such as colour quantization, lossless/lossy compression,...

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ImageOptim is an image optimization tool for users who want quality and performance at the same time. Its main feature allows users to minimize image file size without compromising quality. It also supports a variety of image file types, including JPEG,  PNG, and GIF and...

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TinyPNG is a sophisticated online image compression application that helps users to optimise their photos for the web while maintaining image quality. Its powerful compression algorithms may reduce picture file sizes by up to 80% without compromising image quality. It also supports a variety of...

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Optimizilla is an image converter and optimizer that lets you shrink, convert and optimize your images while maintaining the quality of the image. It is a free online platform to compress and convert images to various formats such as PNG, JPG, JPEG etc. It allows...

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Oxipng is a command-line utility for optimising PNG pictures. It is commonly used by developers, designers, and website owners to optimise PNG images for web apps and online content, hence improving the efficiency and speed of their websites and applications. It is a sophisticated program...

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JPEGmini is an excellent application that offers a powerful compression technique that can dramatically decrease JPEG picture file size without affecting image quality, allowing users to upload and distribute photographs more quickly and effectively. It is specially designed for anyone who wants to optimise their...

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Image Tuner

Image Tuner is a simple image processing program that provides numerous functions such as resizing, renaming, converting, watermarking, and compressing photographs etc along with the ability to process photos in batches. Image Tuner also has an easy-to-use interface that lets users see their changes in...

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OptiPNG is a command-line utility for optimising PNG image files that is free and open-source. It is very beneficial for web developers and designers who want to compress PNG pictures without affecting image quality. It works by optimising the internal structure of the PNG file,...

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PNGGauntlet is a strong image optimization application that allows users to compress PNG pictures without compromising quality. It has a simple UI and comes with various extensive optimization settings that enable users to compress their photos to a fraction of their original size, making it...

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pngquant is a command-line application that allows users to compress PNG pictures without sacrificing image quality. Its excellent compression algorithms and many customization options make it a versatile and effective tool for optimising PNG pictures for the web. It also provides a variety of dithering...

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Squoosh is a free, open-source image compression application that makes it simple to optimise photographs for the web. Its easy-to-adapt interface allows users to easily upload photographs, alter compression settings, and see the results in real-time, allowing them to discover the best balance of image...

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XnConvert is a sophisticated batch image processing software that lets you convert, resize, and edit photos in a variety of ways. It can convert photos between a variety of formats, including JPEG, PNG, and BMP, making it an excellent tool for individuals who frequently interact...

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FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is a sophisticated yet user-friendly image editing program for resizing, transcoding and optimising digital photographs. Users may quickly and simply resize huge numbers of photographs using FastStone Photo Resizer without affecting image quality. Its batch-processing function makes the batch-processing of photographs simple...

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Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium Image Compressor is a best-in-class image compression software program specially used to decrease the size of an image while retaining image quality. The software supports all major image formats i.e JPEG, PNG, and BMP and comes with an intuitive and simple user interface. It...

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GraphicsMagick is an image processing program that offers a comprehensive collection of tools for working with a variety of picture formats. It has a variety of features including support for over 100 picture formats, batch processing of many images, and complex image editing capabilities such...

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FileOptimizer is a strong and efficient file optimizer that allows users to minimise file size without degrading the original quality. It offers a comprehensive solution for file optimization thanks to its excellent optimization algorithms and compatibility with a broad range of file types. Along with...

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