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Joystick Mapper

It is one of the mac OS utility for mapping mouse and keyboard functionality to the game controller. Joystick Mapper is a Mac OS X application that allows you pro play any game or use any other application with a Gamepad or Joystick, even the ones without built-in support. You can map your joystick input to simulate Keyboard and Mouse. Click “Add New Preset”, a new window will open, now, for each joystick/player, click “Add new joystick”. Now, click on “Add new bind”, if you have a gamepad connected, click “scan” and press the button or push the stick you want to use.

If Joystick Mapper is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to Joystick Mapper which you will surely enjoy.

So, We have got your back! if you want to try some other Programs like Joystick Mapper then here are some of the best Joystick Mapper alternatives that you should try:



Best Alternatives To Joystick Mapper


Xpadder has efficacy for mapping keyboard keys and mouse button actions to your game controller buttons for PC. Using your gamepad, Xpadder simulates keyboard and mouse. It allows you to do the following - You can play PC games with poor or no gamepad support, you can easily add gamepad support to emulated, internet and DOS games, it allows you to play multiplayer games with each player using a gamepad. You can also easily control video/music players using their shortcut keys and lastly, you can use a gamepad with a browser or any Windows program. It has many features in it.

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Pinnacle Game Profiler

It allows you to outdo your keyboard and your mouse with your video game controller. Apart from this, you can also easily customize the controller's behavior with Pinnacle Game Profiler. There are many games on PC which do not straightway support the game controller. But with Pinnacle Game Profiler you can use any controller to play any game. Games that uses awkward keyboard or mouse control system even those games can now be played with your favorite gamepad. It is very much compatible with Xbox360, WiiMote, PS2/PS3, and PC Controllers! It has many extensive features also, which you can discover.

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It is a kind of utility that enables a game controller to outdo mouse and keyboard input for all applications. One of the best parts about Joytokey is that it enables you to control any software, For example- browsers, games on the web, Microsoft office applications or even Windows itself. It can now be easily done by using your favorite windows joystick. Whenever you press joystick buttons and sticks, JoyToKey will convert the input into keyboard strokes and mouse movements so that the target application works as you pre-configured. There are many extensive features of it, some of which you can discover online.

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DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your PC. By emulating a Xbox 360 controller, many more games are accessible. It lets DualShock 4 controller outdo Xbox 360 controller, via USB or Bluetooth, with extra features like DS4 touchpad for mouse input, and settings like the LED color bar, rumble, and input assignment with modifiers, and has a configuration profiles. You can make use of the touchpad as a mouse or for other actions. You can easily use six-axis movements for as many actions as possible &has many features.

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XBOX 360 Controller emulator is a wrapper library that translates the XInput calls to DirectInput calls, to support non-XInput gamepads in applications. It is mostly used in playing various kinds of games. To put x360ce- Go to your desktop, right-click your game shortcut and Open File Location. - If there is no shortcut, you have to navigate to the game executable (My PC > C: > Program Files (x86) > Your Game Installation Folder) by yourself. k. Paste all the x360ce files in the directory of your game executable. There are many extensive features of the x360 ce.

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It is a controller programming tool that allows you to customize the behavior of your HID devices such as - keyboards, keypads, mice, trackballs, joysticks, gamepads, and throttles, among others. There are many features of the controller mate. Using a highly graphical interface and drag-and-drop editing, users can program controller buttons to perform complex keyboard and mouse sequences. It also includes now more than 70 types of building blocks. All kind of small tasks is being performed by the building blocks. You can also go online and search for a controlled mate and find many more interesting features about it also.

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It is a DS4 DualShock 4 input mapper that allows you to connect your PS4 gamepad to windows, wired (USB) or wirelessly (Bluetooth). It is designed to fill the space between the devices you use and the games you play. You can map virtually any controller input to virtually any button, keyboard key, mouse action, and more. You can also perform any combination of keystrokes, button presses, and other advanced functions in sequence with the touch of a button. There are many features of the InputMapper. You can also search online for it. Apart from that it can switch between any games.

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It is a gamepad mapper that will allow you to remap Xbox One, Elite and 360 controllers to keyboard and mouse. The best part about it is about Xbox Elite paddles- the only reWASD allows working with them as with separate buttons. Also, the app allows map Xbox controls to keyboard keys, mouse buttons, moves, and scrolls; and to Xbox controls back. It includes several additional settings to adjust sticks, triggers; add mappings to zones of the analogue controls and many more. You can also create up to 4 Shift configurations: the same amount of mappings as in the main configuration, but activated with a modifier. There are many features of reWASD.

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Gopher, sometimes referred to as Gopher360, is an out-of-the-box tool for turning 360 or X One controller input into mouse & keyboard input. It is specifically made keeping in mind about the couch PC users in mind. There are many good features of Gopher 360, which you can look online also. It specifically uses an Xbox controller as a mouse. Gopher360 now uses Visual Studio 2017. Gopher now automatically generates a configured file -you can manage one file in it. Even if you delete the configured file or mess with, it Gopher will generate one. Visual appearance slightly improved.

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It is a Programmable Input Emulator is a utility for bridging and emulating input devices. It has applications primarily in video gaming but can also be used for VR interaction, remote control, and other applications. A typical application might be controlling the mouse in a PC game using a Wiimote. Device control schemes are customized for specific applications by executing scripts from the FreePIE GUI. The script language is based on the Python syntax and offers non-programmers an easy way to interface devices. FreePIE is very similar to the popular utility GlovePIE but encourages open development and integration with any device.

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