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It is the first Audiobook firm which has made it easy for you to purchase Audiobooks straightway from your local bookseller. In this, you can choose one Audiobook every month. The best part about is that in this you can cancel the book anytime and keep your Audiobooks. If you are an occasional listener then with the help of you can buy and listen to Audiobooks in your own time with no restrictions. Through you can now gift Audiobook membership to friends and family and the months are 1, 3, 6, and 12.

If is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to which you will surely enjoy.

So, We have got your back! if you want to try some other Apps, Sites like then here are some of the best alternatives that you should try:



Best Alternatives To

AudioBook Bay

AudioBook Bay provides audio books free of charge. They have over one thousand books to choose from which is not near the size of other paid or subscription based Audiobook download sites such as Audible (over 200 000 Audiobooks), however, Audiobook Bay is free. AudioBook Bay is among the most beloved torrent sites for Audiobooks. It mainly focuses on audio books and thus you can easily find audio book torrents which are not available on other similar sites. Its content is well-organized and sortable by language, genre, and age. Create an account & login in to use it properly on your device.

Alternative Details external link icon is free public domain Audiobooks and also includes eBooks. In this, you can find over 1 Lac kindle, ePub, and Audiobooks. The bookshelves are free. It is very useful for people of all categories and it is one of the convenient methods as compared to traditional books. The Audiobooks which are available are important media for the people who are blind. Digital books from sources such as Librivox and Gutenberg are included. You also get results from Amazon. Audiobooks can be downloaded and liked offline or it can be played directly in the browser using a simple online audio player.

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In eStories you will get many Audiobooks; eStories include all types of books which includes fiction, non-fiction, and bestsellers in every genre. There are also new releases which are added every week. One of its best features is that it has personalized recommendations, which will help you choose the next Audiobook which you like. It also syncs your books on up to 10 devices, which will make it easy for you to pause and pick on any hour, any place on any device. Its Audiobooks are DRM free. It also contains short stories and poems.

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Firstly, Google's Audiobooks are a cheaper option, if you are looking to spend less. Then there are also many free options that are available, where you can download the Audiobooks and read it for free like the Audiobook Bay. Audiobooks are mostly useful for people who are blind. It helps them a lot. Next, it is also good for small kids and also adults, people all age can switch to this site. Some Audiobooks are expensive because their production cost is very high.'s credit system is very flexible and cost-effective. It offers free trial & gives 1 free credit to buy your first book.

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From the library's OverDrive collection, now you can borrow digital books and Audiobooks, and this app is known as Libby. It is a free application that is created by OverDrive. It is available for the following devices - Android, IOS, iPhone, IPAD, iPod touch, and Windows 10 devices. For the novice those who are looking for borrowing eBooks and E-Audiobooks, it is highly recommended that you switch to Libby. The Libby app is free to install from your device's app store, and all the digital content from your library is free to borrow with a valid library card.

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Hoopla Digital

At any hour from any location, you access Hoopla Digital. It is a digital media service which is offered by a public library which will allow you to borrow movies, music, Audiobooks, EBOOKS, comics, and TV shows to enjoy on your computer, tablet, or phone - and even on TV! Hoopla Digital is an app that allows you to stream movies, televisions shows, Audiobooks, music and read eBooks and comics for free. The way you pay money for physical books, DVDs and music in the same way you have to pay for access to these titles.

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This app is available on Apple iPhones, iPods, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The Audible App allows for the downloading and playing of Audiobooks purchased through which allows the user to store many titles for play on mobile devices. After your Audible 30-day trial expires, you will have to pay a cost per month for further use. You can also cancel the subscription at any time. Many books are available on it. For the Amazon Prime members, who pay $99 annually for free two-day shipping, can now, access Audible audio service content for free. There will be no additional cost in it.

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LibriVox is a group of worldwide volunteers who read and record public domain texts creating free public domain Audiobooks for download from their website and other digital library hosting sites on the internet. LibriVox is an international project, with volunteer readers and listeners from all over the world, and they record and make available texts in many languages. This is mainly a cause which is for helping the people with low vision so that they can access the Audiobooks through Librivox. It can be downloaded by such people for free with no charges applicable.

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