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A document processor which was designed for those writers who wanted to have a professional output with fewer amounts of effort and without being specialists in typesetting is called LyX. The job of typesetting is not done by you it is mostly done by the computer. The high quality of a real typesetting system is combined with the comfortable user interface of a word processor. For a wide range of documents, a typesetting system called LaTeX is used by LyX. The power and the flexibility of both TeX and LaTeXare combined by LyX with the ease of use of a graphical interface. For the creation of mathematical content and structured documents the combination of the power and the flexibility of TeX and LaTeXgive the world-class support. People want that their writing should look fabulous use LyX. LyX looks like a word processor, on-screen. With formatting details, there is no more endless tinkering. Well, designed document layouts are inbuilt with a broad array of ready. For creating a novel, letter, theatre play of a film script you can use LyX. Academic articles, theses, and books can also be created with the support of the combination of the power and the flexibility of TeX and LaTeX.

If LyX is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to LyX which you will surely enjoy.

So, We have got your back! if you want to try some other Programs like LyX then here are some of the best LyX alternatives that you should try:



Best Alternatives To LyX


The latest version of Scrivener is 1.1.5. Scrivener can run on both iOS devices and Android devices. Since the word processor, this is the biggest advance software for writers. All the tools are combined in Scrivener because it is helpful for the writers for creating or crafting your first draft, from to be born to final stop. For creating long manuscripts tailor was made. For giving you the authority to compose your text in any order, in sections, as small or large as it is liked by you, Scrivener banishes page fright. Scrivener will always work the way you want either you plan or you plunge. With its outlining tools, all the text sections are fully and properly integrated into Scrivener. It is that simple as drag and drops for turning from Chapter Four to Chapter One. In iPhone, just with two taps, you can flip between writing and research. In IPAD you can open two documents side by side. After finishing your work you can share it with the World by compiling everything in a document for either exporting or printing. You can export your work to popular formats like PDF, Plain text, Word and Final Draft.

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For writing projects, there is an open-source application and it is called Bibisco. Bibisco is a Java application which is self-contained. You can perform multiple writing projects on Bibisco because Bibisco supports multiple writing projects and any time you can start with a new one. For storing your evolving story ideas Bibisco is very useful. The work within the project is divided into chapters. Each chapter is divided into scenes. You also get an option to drag and drop to recorded scenes and chapters at any time. In Bibisco it is an easy operation in renaming and naming the chapters and even the project. Most of the modern editors will feel native to the WYSIWYG editor for your texts. A simple toolbar is also available at the top of the editing window. Bibisco is having all the basic control keys such as italic, bold and other formatting needs. At the bottom of the window, there is also a running word or character count in Bibisco. If you desire, in Bibisco the editor also supports saving revision history of your project. At the bottom left of the editing window, there is another feature which is the status flag.

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Manuskript is an ideal open-source tool for writers. Before writing the writers who love to plan and organize everything use this ideal open-source tool. For making your ideas grow the snowflake method is best. With the help of the outliner feature, you can organize your snippets, thoughts, and ideas in a hierarchical manner. You can recognize them on the go and organize them as you wish to. The distraction-free mode feature helps you in avoiding distractions when you are writing. With the help of the distraction-free mode feature, you can set a goal that you will write at least 1000 words before leaving the editor. Including the complex characters, the detailed universe and intricate plots, you can grow your single genius idea in a coherent whole with the help of a feature which is called a snowflake method. You can grow your ideas into a book with the help of this feature. By asking you some questions and leading you to step by step for going deeper. There is another feature in the manuscript and that feature is called as free as in free speech because it is always better free. You should always keep a record of notes about every plot, character, and place in your story.

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A free word processor which can break your project into scenes and chapters is known as yWriter. With the help of this word processor, you can keep a record of your work and for creating leaving your mind free. The development environment computer programmer's use is similar to the user interface of yWriter. The yWriterIs having scenes, novels, and chapters while the development environment computer programmers are having classes, functions, and projects. The idea of both yWriter and development environment computer programmers is the same. By breaking a large and complicated project into smaller pieces it becomes easier to manage them. The automatic backup of your work is done by yWriter while you are writing. When you exit from the yWriter, it automatically saves your work. The zip files of your entire work, by date, are created by yWriter. You can easily re-order your scenes with the help of yWriter. If you think that the scenes can't fit anywhere then you can take scenes out altogether temporarily. You will never ever lose your scenes because they are taken out temporarily and if you change your mind and want to pop them back you can easily do that without facing any difficulties.

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Quoll Writer

It is a writing application which helps you to focus on the words. The main thing is that your text will be the focus of the minimal interface. You can very easily convert your ideas into words. All the projects can be managed just at one place with Quoll writer. The tabbed interface is very easy to use and is familiar too. The management of chapter is easy, you can link them, move the chapters, and record the goals and description. All the characters can be managed well and even the assets very easily. There are also notes in it which will help you to remember things. The plot outline items and scenes also let you keep the proper tracks of some important moments in the story of yours. There are even special edit needed notes which let you mark the sections of text that need some reworking. It is very configurable which lets you see the things as you want. The timer or the word count can also be set to help you to keep moving. The distraction-free mode can also be used to get the best text experience. The advanced features make your text experience best.

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It is a versatile tool which is used for various purposes like drafting the novels, planning the baby purchases and also writing the physical papers. This is basically used for complex documents that are too large. Its collaboration feature is the best which really makes it the best to be used for taking some notes in the class. The flexibility of gingko allows that it could be used for the various project methodologies. The structure of gingko enables the users to make it ideal for studying various texts which are very difficult. When you will read the dialog, you can very easily see the summary of the scene at the left. Writing research papers can really a very difficult task, not because you know less but you know too much. Gingko is a word processor which helps you in working at the various levels of the detail. The best thing is that with gingko you can see the whole thesis easily and also a small part of it which helps you to know how they actually relate. The research can be organized by you well with gingko and you can even finish the work faster.

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True Novelist

Writing a novel is not really an easy thing. The creation of the true novelist was done so as to make the work of the authors easier. The best thing is that you can organize your research and writing in the way you want. The separate folders can be created for places, characters, research and much more. You have the choice to create as many folders as you want. If you want to move a new chapter or scene, you can just drag it and very easily drop it at the new location. The motivating factor is that you can also see the statistics and get to know about the progress that you have made in your story. The daily statistics can be watched by you as per your words typed, words per minutes and much more. The goals for word count can be set and overall progress can be tracked. When you will check in your last few days, you will get to know about your goal. The snapshots of your work can also be taken by you and even you have the choice to roll back to the earlier version as well.

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It is considered the best software for writers, authors, and essayists. It can be used from the draft till the final work and you will never lose the history of your field view. The best thing is it helps you to get control on the various departments of the story. The work can be structured well with oStorybook. The management of the locations, items, ideas, characters, tags, and scenes can take place in a coherent and single whole. The simple interface will help you to define the element and even each scene at the time of maintaining a permanent overview of the work with the help of practical and understandable tools. With the help of memoria, any element can be connected with the other elements at each stage. It has different views and totally comes with four views. It has a reading view which will show text in the final book. Then you have the choice to show or hide strands. There is a chronological view also which helps you to show the scenes which are sorted by date. All the strands will have their own column. Then there is a book view where you can view all the chapters sorted by the chapter numbers.

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It is the virtual reality application of anatomy. It is with the help of 3D organon, you can very easily manipulate the bones, organs, vessels, muscles and various other anatomical structures in the 3D space. The structures can be examined from all the angles; you can study the definitions or listen/read to the anatomical terminology. You can very easily delve into the body systems, check out what you are made up of and also peel beneath the skin. It helps in unfolding the high-resolution models which are 3D and it covers all the aspects of the human body. It has the extensive base of the anatomical definitions with terminology which is based on official terminology anatomical. Now it includes the module of ‘human actions' with the proper animations of bones and joints. Even here is an enterprise edition which has an additional 500 various detailed animations of organ philosophy and muscle actions. There is also a new module ‘network' which allows the users to training session online and it is a multi-user created by subscribed institutions and educators. This anatomy trainer helps you to attend the anatomy lessons and communicate with your peers and teachers.

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Plume Creator

If you are a writer, then the plume creator really provides you the help in this hard task. The best thing about this software is that it provides you the mode which is totally distraction-free, outliner and note manager as well. The writing projects can be very easily organized with the help of the plume creator. Characters, scenes, notes, full-screen editing, multiple projects can be handled with the plume creator. Even different languages are supported by it like German, English, French, Portuguese and Italian. The downloading of this software is very easy for the writers and it becomes very easy for them to organize their writings with the help of plume creators. Another feature is that full-time editing is also available. At GIT hub, the latest version of the plume creator is available and you can download it easily without any installation errors in the process.

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