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In order to launch your mobile app, social network and digital brand an open-source platform have come into play which is free and it is none other than Minds. It is also one kind of social network where you can easily connect with people from various backgrounds and communities. It is global in nature. It is one of the decentralized network which is social and for freedom of internet (free expression) where you can earn tokens in the form of crypto for the sake of contribution and support to the network. The best ways in which the tokens can be used is that it is exchanged for additional views on the content. And it could also be sent to the other groups or channels as a form of paid subscription or channels tip.

If Minds is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to Minds which you will surely enjoy.

So, We have got your back! if you want to try some other Apps, Sites like Minds then here are some of the best Minds alternatives that you should try:



Best Alternatives To Minds


It is one of the best social networking sites which will make it easy for you to link with your family and friends easily online. This site was originally first created for the college students for them to use it to connect with friends. It was created in the year 2004. Its invention was done by Mark Zuckerberg. All you need to log into Facebook is a valid e-mail id. Any person who is above 13 years of age can join Facebook. There are more than 1 billion users of this social networking site. You can post your pictures, status, recent happenings in your life, etc. on Facebook and share it with your family and friends.

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There are many of us who collect a lot of pictures on the desktop, pen drive, etc. And a few of them we also share on social networking sites like Facebook etc. So, now there is a new way out for you to share your bunch of photos and their stories on the social media site and connect with your chums. Yes, it's none other than Flickr. It's an online community where you can share your photos and short videos. It helps you in a way to assemble the huge number of pictures you have and makes a way for you along with your friends and members of the family to give a description of these pictures!

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You can discover yourself and also express whatever you want through Tumblr. You can have a great bonding over Tumblr. It is the only place where your interest can link you with people of your community. Through Tumblr, you also have the opportunity of turning accounts into the videos of music. There is also a backup an option through which you can freely back up your description, contents, theme and blogs and more stuffs. Then, there is also Tumblr savior through which you can hide certain kinds of posts about certain topics which you don't like. Through, Post to Tumblr you can now do postings of selected images, links, and texts etc.

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A moment is something that lasts only for a second. And if you are given a chance of sharing that moment then isn't it valuable? Yes, now that's possible through Snapchat. It is one of the quickest ways for you through you can share your moments with your family and friends. There is also another amazing feature in this through which you can control as to how many friends and how long your family and friends view your message which you have shared in Snapchat. There is also a timer system in which you can set the timer to say for up to 10 seconds and then click on the send button. Some of the interesting features of Snapchat is as follows - Snap, Story, Lenses, Filters, Geo-filters, voice calls and video calls and chatting.

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If you are a music lover and love listening to various kinds of music, then there can no service which is much better for you than the Myspace. It is of the largest music catalog which is digital in nature and it is worlds' largest music center. Its features consist of the biggest library of music streaming anywhere which is free of cost. Through Myspace you can go and watch music videos, you also have the option to promote your art and also you can easily connect with various categories of artists. Some of its features include classified sections, news, and customized profile options, Myspace mobile, bulletins, Myspace TV, Group MySpace IM and much more.

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It is a social network and has many interesting features. Through this, you can discover interesting and unique things through the web. Many of you must be thinking what is StumbleUpon? It is an engine which is full of discovery it comprises entertainment and endorses technology, photography, sports, art, fashion, and humor. And it's not just limited till this you can also search for any topic. You can discover various websites relating to your interest and learning and what all you like and has more additional stuffs related to your interest. It helps you to discover many types of and categories of webpages. It is simple you simply have to go on the webpage and click on the button, then come to the StumbleUpon discovery content on the web, Then you can click on the like button, news feed/ social media etc.

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It is a kind of social networking service which is also business-oriented, it can also be termed as professional networking. It is most helpful for people looking for development in their careers. If you are in need of a job, then the best thing to do is switch to the Linkedin services and uploads your resume. You will find more than 100 companies relating to your resume and there are many good career opportunities that you will find. Linkedin is free for the starters but if you want to highlight and see that your resume is displayed to the companies in a better way then you can choose for the paid services also. Linkedin Premium paid-up services offer online classes, who viewed your profile and searches and seminars etc.

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The way you use Facebook, similarly you can also use the Diaspora. It is also one kind of joined social networking service. It has more enhanced privacy features than Facebook. It is a kind of alternative to Facebook. Using this, you can share whatever you like and want. It's like posts, photos and contents, advertisements etc. There are groups called, ‘aspects' with which you will get linked automatically in Diaspora. This is a site which is more often used by the corporates for the sake of advertisements of their business and connects on the social front or gets business connections. So, if you have a business and want to put up some advertisements then you can easily switch to these sites and start using it.

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If you are into business and that too if the business is of international nature, where the countries involved are German-speaking, then it's a good opportunity for you to enhance your business double fold, by switching to the latest business networking site i.e. Xing. It is a leading network of business which works online. And it has nearly 16 million members and that too in the German-speaking countries. It is mostly Hamburg based and it is a career-oriented site i.e. Social networking. The important and primary focus of this site is on the market which is German Speaking besides Xing Spain. It's more of like in competition with the American business networking site i.e. Linkedin.

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It is a microblogging engine which is decentralized. Its features are that it is a free kind of social networking site just like twitter. And it is an open-source networking site. It is also decentralized so now there is no need for you to worry that a single firm is controlling all your communications. For Mastodon social network, hyperspace offers a responsive client, fast and clean. There are also other apps connecting with Mastodon, it is 11t it is a new kind of social network. Mastodon is a network that has grown rapidly and in this, the individuals are opting to set their own servers so in this case, 11t helps you in connecting to the Mastodon server of the choice which you want.

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Twitter is one of the social networking services which are online just like Facebook. In Twitter the users have to register themselves with their id and password. After which they can make tweets i.e. a short messages of near about 280 words. Once you get registered you will be able to make tweets and also read the tweets of other people i.e. the latest happenings and events one's life which people post/tweet. If you are not registered then you cannot make tweets, but the good news is that you can at least read others' tweets.

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