RadioDJ is a robust and adaptable radio automation program that is suitable for both professional and amateur broadcasters. It lets you manage your music library, build and plan playlists, and broadcast live or pre-recorded programs. Unlike other radio automation software, it is fully free and open-source, making it a viable alternative for anybody interested in starting their own radio station or podcast. Furthermore, it includes advanced features like automated volume leveling, crossfading, and playlist rotation to ensure that your broadcast sound smooth and professional at all times. In general, it is a dependable and feature-rich solution that may help you take your broadcasts to the next level.

If RadioDJ is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to RadioDJ that you should consider utilizing.

So, find out which alternative is the best fit for you by trying some other [category] like RadioDJ through our list of the best RadioDJ alternatives so far:



Best Alternatives To RadioDJ

SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster is a radio broadcasting software package that includes tools for creating a large-scale internet radio station that a single computer can handle. You may use it to host live performances with a D.J., who will be in charge of controlling the music that...

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RadioBOSS is a full-featured software package for radio automation and music playing. It comes with a straightforward and simple interface that allows radio stations and DJs to easily manage their music collections, build playlists, and broadcast live or pre-recorded shows. Also, it supports a variety...

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OpenBroadcaster is a software platform that allows users to live stream and capture audio and video material. It has an easy-to-use and simple interface along with this, it comes with various features that enable users to make high-quality live broadcasts, record and edit videos, and...

Check Alternatives external link icon is a one-stop shop for building and streaming your own online radio station. Its user-friendly design and simple tools enable anyone to quickly and simply build a professional-sounding radio station without any technical expertise or experience. Some of its key features include automatic scheduling,...

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Rivendell is a sophisticated and powerful radio automation program built for professional radio broadcasting. Users may schedule and automate radio broadcasts, build playlists, and handle commercials and sponsorships using the program. It is straightforward to use, with a clear and intuitive user interface that makes...

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TrucklistStudio is a cutting-edge Media Playlist Broadcasting Software that enables enterprises of all sizes to build and manage dynamic media playlists for broadcasting across several platforms. It has a smart and hassle-free interface and offers a strong set of features and functionalities that makes it...

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PlayIt Live

PlayIt Live is high-quality radio automation software for DJs, broadcasters, and internet radio stations. It comes with various extensive feature sets and a simple user interface, making it simple to manage and broadcast live audio material such as music, advertising, and live chat programs. besides...

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Sourcefabric Airtime

Sourcefabric Airtime is a robust and easy-to-use web-based radio automation software that allows users to quickly manage and broadcast radio programs. It also allows users to easily upload and manage their music library, build playlists, plan programs, and broadcast live material to their audience. Along...

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AzuraCast is a web-based radio automation and streaming platform. It offers radio stations, DJs, and online radio broadcasters. AzuraCast includes a number of useful functions such as music scheduling, automatic playback, live streaming and playlist management. The user-friendly interface of AzuraCast allows users to operate...

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LibreTime is an open-source radio automation software that allows users to organise and plan their radio programs with ease. It's intended for non-profit and community radio stations, as well as podcasters and internet radio broadcasters. The software is divided into several sections, making it simple...

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