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Roll20 is a free tabletop video game which is easy to use. It also includes games such as pen and also paper RPGs on-line with others. It runs directly into your web browser as it is totally a web-based game. It has video clips and even voice chat, background songs, character sheets, a substantial art library, and much more. Elegantly simple, Roll20’s digital tabletop, compendium, and character-building devices are HTML5 innovation powered. There is no need for a messy download and installation or set up or any application for game masters/players. Roll20 offers you methods to boost your own unique storytelling games using drawing tools etc.

If Roll20 is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to Roll20 which you will surely enjoy.

So, We have got your back! if you want to try some other Apps, Sites like Roll20 then here are some of the best Roll20 alternatives that you should try:



Best Alternatives To Roll20


MapTool is the flagship product of the RP Tools software suite. It is a Java application, so it runs on any operating system that can run Java, which is basically every computer. It's also open source and costs nothing to use, although RP Tools accepts donations if you are motivated to it. If you are a GM i.e. game master, then it is a good way to provide planned maps for battles and exploration and you don't have to spend in the physical maps, tokens, miniatures, etc. It is a virtual tabletop which is having full features. You can load maps into it, import custom tokens, track initiative order and health, and save campaigns.

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Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop application, which contains a set of tools to assist players of tabletop role-playing games playing either in person or slightly. Fantasy Grounds contains features typical of many tabletop role-playing games, such as virtual dice rolling, character sheets, and maps with a grid system. Games are organized into sessions, which are started by a game master and which other players may join slightly. This system allows you to buy content that is preloaded and ready to play. For the game masters, less prep time is there which means maximum time for players.

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It is virtual tabletop software and it helps you in managing tabletop role-playing games with friends that are remote or players. It offers many features like sharing maps, images, tools to communicate with your friends or players etc. The important aim is to make Rolisteam a managed RPG games which are too good just as the RPG games around your table. Some of its important features include the following- Character Sheet, Music player, drawing tool (to draw the map on the fly), Vectorial map, Name Generator, Unit Converter, Rich text Editor, Dice rolling and secret Dice rolling, Fog of war on maps etc.

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Mipui is an online, grid-based map editor, with a focus on simplicity and collaboration. All edits appear in real-time to other viewers. It's intended to be used for role-playing games such as D&D and other tabletop games, useful both before a session as a mapper and during a session as a virtual tabletop. It is very simple. Mipui employs a limited but expressive set of tools, avoiding the bloat that exists in some other map editors while still remaining rich enough for most everyday gaming needs. Mipui has real-time collaboration between multiple authors. It is friendly and has cloud storage.

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Beyond Tabletop is a set of tools for RPG players who want to enhance their in-person game sessions with cleanly designed, easy-to-use online character sheets and maps. The web application is subscription-free and designed to be used on all devices. There are two products offered by it one is a battle map and the second one is character sheets. It will link you to your Google account so that character sheets, maps, and other files are stored on your Google Drive. You can also replace your character sheets and role-playing maps with it.

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Epic Table is a virtual Tabletop game. It is also just like RPG. It is very easy to use and it has a standard windows interface. The networking is completely free of hassle in this. You can share the files very easily and can even drag from your browser onto the tabletop! Any game you can play on your physical tabletop and it is easy-to-use, yet robust and has powerful dice roller. Play the latest indie game, your favorite OSR clone, or your own homebrew system. Move and sort virtual dice on the tabletop now play Dogs in the Vineyard online.

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GM Forge

GM Forge is a Standalone Virtual Tabletop with competitive features, making it a good affordable alternative. When you buy a copy of GM Forge, your friends join you through their web browser without purchasing a copy. It is a good affordable alternative. It has all the reasonable features in other virtual tabletops, as well as some impressive new innovative ideas built with the average GM. You can try out with the parts of the browser on the tool's homepage. And the character sheets can be created easily with selecting from the customization menu.

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Astral TableTop

Astral Tabletop is the easiest way to create, host, and play tabletop roleplaying games online or in person. Astral started in 2017; a brand new experience launched in April 2019. It was originally launched under the name "Power VTT". It is free. Now you can easily create & run games without wasting much time in the setup. It offers everything a GM i.e. game master needs to facilitate fun and immersive sessions. You can manage chat and combat in one place, it allows you to easily build maps and characters from scratch or use any of our ready-to-play templates. You can also add immersion and visual effects with just a click.

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OrcPub is a suite of tools for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition focused on making tabletop gameplay and preparation quicker, simpler, smoother, and more accessible to more players and DMs. It currently has an awesome character builder; tools for adding homebrew content; a spell, rule, and monster references; and a basic combat tracker. You can add more features to it. You can also change the settings in it. Now you can add any number of features/traits to your homebrew dnd5e races, subraces, and background. It also has an improved desktop and tablet view, which you can enjoy.

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It is a real-time D&D 5e Character Tracker. Now spend less time shuffling paper and more time playing. You can now get access to the customer -only discord channel, where you can discuss new features, and get direct help using DiceCloud. You also get to vote on feature ideas and determining what features (or bugs!) gets priority. All benefits of previous tiers. You can access the item library beta, which will allow you to create and subscribe to libraries of items beyond the default SRD items. So, now you can have complete access to it and enjoy its features.

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