Spark is an innovative email client that allows users to manage their email accounts quickly and easily. Users can easily prioritise and manage their emails using its simplified UI and smart inbox functionality, ensuring that critical communications are never overlooked. It also has some advanced features that include customised templates, scheduling, and email delegation that allow users to optimise their workflow and boost their productivity. Its  real-time alerts keep users up to speed on their email activity, and its sophisticated search tool helps them discover the information they need fast. Lastly, its security measures guarantee that users’ data is safeguarded and kept secret, giving individuals who handle sensitive information via email peace of mind.

If Spark is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to Spark that you should consider utilizing.

So, find out which alternative is the best fit for you by trying some other [category] like Spark through our list of the best Spark alternatives so far:



Best Alternatives To Spark


Thunderbird is an email application that is easy to set up and has various configurable options for users. The software contains a variety of add-ons that allow users to customize the appearance of the software and make it their preferred method of sending emails. The...

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Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is a popular and capable email client that allows users to manage their email, contacts, calendars, and tasks. It comes with sophisticated features and functionality that make it simple to send and receive emails, organise your inbox, and manage your contacts and...

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It is one of the best webmail services which is search-based. It offers a complete web-based email service with the capabilities to search, IMAP access, a mailbox with POP, display of email threads as conversations, a combined chat, a labeling and filtering system, SPAM protection...

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It is one of the community efforts to develop the sea monkey an all in one internet application. It is also one of the lighter alternatives to small Mozilla Firefox. This software set was previously made popular by Mozilla and Netscape. The SeaMonkey project is...

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Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo mail is a kind of webmail and it has terabyte of storage space which is free and also has spam protection. There are many striking features of Yahoo Mail like it offers conversation in groups, then themes which you can apply, search option which...

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Mailbird is a feature-rich email client that is intended to streamline and simplify email handling. Users may manage several email accounts from a single unified interface with Mailbird, helping them to stay organised and productive. Also, it allows users to quickly customise the app according...

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eM Client

eM Client is a comprehensive email management program that consolidates all of your email, calendar, and contacts into a single user-friendly interface. eM Client makes it simple to keep organised and connected by supporting numerous email accounts, including Gmail, Exchange, and other popular email services....

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Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail lets you manage all your emails, contacts and messages on your PC. It is a part of email software that is entirely free to use. With the help of Windows Live Mail, you can easily share and forward emails to other users....

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Geary is an all-in-one email client for the GNOME desktop environment that allows users to easily manage their emails, including sending, receiving, and organising them in a straightforward and user-friendly interface. It also offers various features such as multiple account support, automated filtering and classification,...

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Claws Mail

Claws Mail is a feature-loaded email client that offers a bunch of helpful features and tools for email management. It supports a variety of email protocols, including POP3, IMAP, and SMTP that enables users to connect to their current email accounts and handle their messages...

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It is one of the most secure forms of mail system with no compromises. It is brought to you by MIT and CERN scientists. This mail system is Swiss-based and is incorporated in Switzerland. Its servers are also located in Switzerland. Apart from Proton Mail,...

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Evolution is a cross-platform email client and personal information management app that provides numerous features and capabilities to assist users in managing their email, contacts, and appointments in this simple integrated application. The application is quite easy-to-use and comes with a simple and clean interface....

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Zoho Mail

With the needs of modern business in mind a webmail service has been created which known as Zoho Mail. It has features which are convenient to use for business users to communicate effectively. Plus, offering customization and mailbox management (the needs of IT administrator). There...

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