OpenMW is a free and open-source game engine that enables users to run and alter the popular role-playing game Morrowind. This engine […]



OpenMediaVault is a free and open-source network-attached storage (NAS) solution for personal and small business use. It offers an easy-to-use online interface […]



OpenLP is a worship presentation program that is free and open-source, and it is intended for churches and religious organisations. The software […]



OpenEmu is a free and open-source video game emulator for macOS only. Users can use the emulator to play a variety of […]



OpenComic is a free and open-source comic book reader that allows users to view and organise their digital comic book collections easily […]



OpenArena is a free and open-source first-person shooter game with a spectacular multiplayer mode. The game, which is based on the Quake […]

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is a free and open-source web analytics software that offers website owners with precise insights into the traffic […]

Open Toontown

Open Toontown

Open Toontown is a massively multiplayer online game based on Disney’s Toontown Online that is free and open-source. It allows players to […]

Open Streaming Platform

Open Streaming Platform

Open Streaming Platform (OSP) is a free and open-source software platform that allows users to build and operate their own live streaming […]

Open Shell

Open Shell

Open Shell is free and open-source software that restores Windows 10’s and other newer Windows operating systems’ old Start menus. Users may […]

Open Game Panel

Open Game Panel

Open Game Panel is a free and open-source web-based game server control panel that allows game server administrators to simply and efficiently […]



Oolite is a free and open-source space exploration and trading game that lets players explore the galaxy, trade products, and fight other […]

One Commander

One Commander

One Commander is a feature-rich and capable file manager for Windows users. Users can simply explore and manage their files and folders […]

Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Ondesoft Spotify Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use program that converts Spotify music songs to popular audio formats such as MP3, M4A, […]



OmniGraffle for Mac and iOS is a sophisticated and versatile diagramming and design tool. Users may easily generate a wide range of […]

Omni Remover

Omni Remover

Omni Remover is a sophisticated Mac tool that allows users to totally remove undesirable programs and files from their Macs. Users may […]



Olivia is a stylish and user-friendly music player for Linux. Olivia gives a deep and delightful listening experience thanks to its sleek […]



Okular is a free and open-source document viewer for Linux and Unix desktop environments. Okular allows users to browse and annotate a […]

Office Online

Office Online

Office Online is a cloud-based productivity package that is suitable for both individuals and organisations. Users can use Office Online to create […]



Odesi is a strong music composition tool for musicians, producers, and songwriters. Using its clever algorithms and presets, this user-friendly software makes […]



OctoPrint is an open-source 3D printer control software that aims to improve the efficiency and convenience of the printing process. It enables […]



Ocenaudio is a cross-platform audio editing software that is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced users. It has a number of features […]



Obsidian is a powerful note-taking and productivity app designed for individuals and teams. It offers a wide range of features and tools […]

OBS Studio

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a popular and free open-source video recording and live-streaming software. Streamers, YouTubers, and gamers, as well as businesses and […]



NZBHydra2 is a powerful Usenet indexing tool that enables users to search for and download content from multiple Usenet indexers simultaneously. It […]

nVIDIA Quadro View

nVIDIA Quadro View

nVIDIA Quadro View is a software application designed for professionals who work with large 3D models and visualizations. The application allows users […]

Nuxeo Platform

Nuxeo Platform

Nuxeo Platform is an open-source content management system that provides businesses with a flexible and scalable solution for managing their digital content. […]



NoteLedge is an all-in-one digital note-taking and sketching app that provides users with a range of useful tools and features to create […]



NoteAway is a simple and elegant note-taking app designed for Mac users. The app allows users to create and organize notes in […]



Nostlan is a unique and innovative emulator frontend that allows users to organize and launch their favorite games from various platforms in […]

NoPing Tunnel

NoPing Tunnel

NoPing Tunnel is a top-of-the-line VPN service designed specifically for gamers. The service allows gamers to improve their gaming experience by reducing […]



NooBox is a powerful browser extension that enhances the user’s web browsing experience by providing a range of useful tools and features. […]



NitroShare is a cross-platform file-sharing application that provides a fast, secure, and easy way to transfer files between multiple devices on the […]

Nimi Places

Nimi Places

Nimi Places is a versatile and powerful desktop organiser that lets users manage their files and folders with ease. Nimi Places provides […]

Nielsen Ad Intel

Nielsen Ad Intel

Nielsen Ad Intel is a strong advertising intelligence tool that provides users with important insights into their competitors’ advertising strategies. The platform […]



ngPlant is an open-source plant modelling software that allows users to generate and visualise complicated 3D plant models. It employs a node-based […]



Nexus is a prominent open-source repository manager that assists developers in properly managing their software components and dependencies. It provides a centralised […]



Nextiva is a cloud-based communication platform that provides a variety of business communication capabilities, including VoIP, virtual faxing, video conferencing, and more. […]



NextDNS is a cloud-based DNS resolver with an emphasis on privacy that provides superior protection against online dangers and undesirable content. It […]



Nextcloud is an open-source cloud storage solution that provides consumers and organisations with secure file-sharing and collaboration capabilities. It offers a platform […]



Nexpose is a vulnerability management solution that gives businesses a comprehensive view of their network and assists them in proactively identifying and […]



NewTone is an advanced pitch-correction and time-shifting plugin for music producers and audio engineers. NewTone’s user-friendly interface lets users adjust the pitch […]

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights is a classic role-playing video game set in the setting of the fantasy tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Players […]



NetStumbler is a well-known wireless network detection program that assists users in discovering and analysing WiFi networks in their immediate surroundings. Users […]



NetSpot is a robust wireless network analysis and troubleshooting application that assists users in optimising their WiFi networks for optimal performance and […]



NetSim is a network simulator and emulator that may be used to test and analyse complex network topologies and protocols in a […]



NethServer is a free and open-source Linux distribution that aims to provide a robust and simple server platform for small and medium-sized […]

Netcut Defender

Netcut Defender

Netcut Defender is a network security utility that assists users in safeguarding their PC and network from ARP spoofing attacks. Hackers frequently […]



NetBalancer is a versatile network monitoring and traffic control utility that assists customers in better managing their internet connection. On their PC […]

Net Transport

Net Transport

Net Transport is a robust download manager that was created to assist users in downloading and managing files from the internet. Net […]



NeoDownloader is a sophisticated download manager that allows users to download photos, videos, and other sorts of data from the internet swiftly […]

Near Lock

Near Lock

Near Lock is a popular security tool that lets you use your iPhone or Apple Watch to lock and unlock your Mac […]



ncdu is a short form of NCurses Disc consumption, it is a free and open-source command-line utility that allows users to analyse […]



NAPS2 stands for Not Another PDF Scanner 2 and is a free and open-source document scanning tool that allows users to easily […]



MyOpenLab is an open-source software platform for creating virtual and physical control systems. This platform, created by a team of control engineering […]



MyHeritage is a genealogy and family history website that provides users with a variety of tools and services to help them discover […]

My Visual Database

My Visual Database

My Visual Database is a robust and adaptable software solution that allows users to design bespoke databases and user interfaces without requiring […]



mxGraph is a robust JavaScript client-side toolkit for producing interactive diagrams and graphs in online applications. Developers can easily design complicated, unique […]

Musify Music Downloader

Musify Music Downloader

Musify Music Downloader is a sophisticated piece of software that lets users download music from a variety of sources. This software is […]



MusicTrans is a software that assists musicians in learning and transcribing music. Musicians can use MusicTrans to slow recordings down, modify the […]



Musicope is a sophisticated and unique music notation program that allows users to rapidly and effortlessly write, edit, and publish professional-quality sheet […]

MusicBrainz Picard

MusicBrainz Picard

MusicBrainz Picard is a robust music tagging and organisation application that allows users to recognise and tag music files automatically using metadata […]

Murus Firewall

Murus Firewall

Murus Firewall is a sophisticated software firewall for macOS that provides comprehensive features and customization choices to users. The program is intended […]



Mupen64Plus is a high-performance, cross-platform Nintendo 64 emulator that allows users to play their favourite N64 games on a variety of systems […]



MultiMonitorTool is a robust program that lets users manage and control many monitors from a single interface. It includes complex features such […]



MultiMC is an open-source Minecraft launcher that provides users with a variety of advanced functionality and customization choices. The software is intended […]



Mudfish is a one-of-a-kind VPN service that provides customers with a variety of features tailored exclusively for online gamers. Advanced technology is […]



mTail is a strong and simple tool for real-time monitoring and analysis of log files. It is intended to provide users with […]



Mp3tag is a robust and adaptable audio tagging application that enables users to easily manage and change the metadata of their MP3 […]



MP3jam is a fast and dependable music-downloading software that allows users to quickly and simply download and listen to their favourite MP3 […]



mp3DirectCut is a quick and efficient audio editing software that allows users to easily cut, trim, and edit MP3 files. This software […]



Mousai is a digital audio workstation (DAW) software for artists and producers that want to make high-quality music. Mousai’s user-friendly interface provides […]



Morgen is a productivity software that combines your calendars, to-do lists, productivity apps, and schedulers to allow you to manage all of […]



Moose is a straightforward torrent client that allows you to simply download, stream, and cast torrents. It’s simple to use and ideal […]



Monect is a sophisticated and versatile piece of software that allows you to control your computer remotely from your smartphone or tablet. […]



MollyCule is a free and open-source molecular structure visualisation and analysis tool. It is intended for scientists, researchers, and students dealing with […]

MoI - Moment of Inspiration

MoI – Moment of Inspiration

MoI, or Moment of Inspiration, is a powerful 3D modelling software developed for artists, designers, and engineers. MoI simplifies the creation of […]



Moho is an advanced 2D animation software that enables users to produce high-quality animated videos and cartoons. Moho is perfect for both […]



Mochi is a robust cross-platform desktop program that uses markdown to help students and professionals take notes and create flashcards. You may […]



MobaXterm is a robust and adaptable remote computing application for Windows users. SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC, FTP, and SFTP are among the […]



Mnemosyne is a versatile and effective flashcard-based software designed for students and professionals that want to memorise and remember new material more […]



MixPad is a sophisticated and easy-to-use audio mixing program that lets users mix and modify audio recordings in real time. The software […]



mitmproxy is a free and open-source utility for intercepting, inspecting, and modifying network data in real time. The tool is intended to […]

MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a robust disc partition management software that allows users to effortlessly and efficiently manage their hard drives and […]

MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is an easy-to-use video editing software for beginners and inexperienced users. It has a variety of editing tools and features […]

MiniTool Mobile Recovery

MiniTool Mobile Recovery

MiniTool Mobile Recovery is a sophisticated data recovery software that is optimised for mobile devices. It enables users to quickly and easily […]

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is a robust and adaptable automation application that allows users to automate repetitive computer chores. The software’s easy-to-adapt layout […]

Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft Shaders is a popular mod for the popular sandbox game Minecraft that improves the aesthetics and visual effects of the game. […]

Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server is an official server software for Minecraft that allows gamers to construct and host their own Minecraft servers, allowing them […]



Mindomo is a comprehensive and versatile mind-mapping application that allows users to graphically and interactively develop, collaborate, and share their ideas and […]



MindNode is a user-friendly and adaptable mind-mapping program that allows individuals and groups to brainstorm, plan, and organise their ideas in a […]



Mindmapper is a robust mind-mapping application that allows users to effortlessly develop and organise their ideas, thoughts, and plans. Mindmapper is great […]



MindManager is a powerful and user-friendly mind mapping program that assists individuals and organisations in organising and visualising their ideas, thoughts, and […]



Mindlogr is a cutting-edge video journaling platform that allows users to record and save their thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a personalised […]



Midterm is a comprehensive note-taking program that allows students to organise all of their study materials in one spot. Midterm allows users […]

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander is a free and open-source file manager with a two-panel interface that allows users to effortlessly access and manage files […]

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a powerful diagramming program that enables users to easily generate professional and complete diagrams. Professionals and corporations use it […]

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a prominent online communication and collaboration platform used by corporations, organisations, and educational institutions. It has a variety of […]

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is project management software that assists organisations in project planning, execution, and control. It enables project managers to divide work, […]

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics solution that offers interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities, as well as an interface […]

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking and organisational tool. Users can take notes, organise information, and share their notes with others using […]

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file storage and synchronisation service provided by Microsoft. It enables users to save, share, and access files and […]

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite is a set of tools meant to aid users’ productivity and creativity. The suite consists of various programs, each […]

Metro Series

Metro Series

Metro is a first-person survival horror shooter video game set on a post-apocalyptic planet destroyed by nuclear war. The game takes place […]

metier Scan2PDF

metier Scan2PDF

metier Scan2PDF is an easy-to-use program that scans documents and converts them to PDF files. It enables users to scan documents fast […]



MetaTrader is a famous trading platform used by traders all over the world to trade forex, futures, and other financial markets online. […]


MetaDefender is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that protects against a wide variety of cyber threats. Users can utilise the platform’s features to […]



Metadatics is a powerful metadata editor for Mac that lets you modify and manage the metadata of your media files such as […]



Metabase is a free and open-source business intelligence and data visualisation tool that assists businesses in analysing data and making better decisions. […]



MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) is a free and open-source emulator program that emulates many old game consoles and personal PCs. Its […]

Mercurial SCM

Mercurial SCM

Mercurial SCM is a free and open-source distributed version control system that can manage small personal projects as well as large-scale development […]



MenuTools is a robust and versatile menu customization application that allows users to personalise and optimise the menus in their Windows system. […]



Mentionlytics is a social media listening and brand monitoring platform that assists businesses in tracking and analysing their online reputation. Users can […]



Mention is an effective social media monitoring and management tool that assists organisations and people in maintaining control of their online reputation. […]



Memotoo is a productivity and organisation tool that allows users to manage their schedules, tasks, contacts, and online data all in one […]



Memex is a robust productivity tool that assists users in organising and managing their online research. Along with this, it enables users […] is a cloud storage and file hosting platform that allows users to securely store and share files online. It is a […]

MedicCat USB

MedicCat USB

MedicCat USB is a highly customised multiboot USB stick developed for current PC repair. It supports Legacy BIOS as well as UEFI, […]

MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is a powerful digital painting and drawing software with several features and tools for artists and designers. MediBang Paint’s user-friendly […]



MediaRadar is a cutting-edge advertising intelligence tool that enables businesses and media firms to make data-driven decisions. The platform provides users with […]



MediaElement.js is a well-known open-source media player that enables web developers to easily integrate audio and video playback into their websites. It […]

Media Tagger

Media Tagger

Media Tagger is a powerful software program meant to make organising digital media files easier. Users can quickly and easily tag and […]



MComix is a free, open-source comic book reader for Windows, Linux, and macOS that makes it simple to view and organise digital […]

MCA Selector

MCA Selector

MCA Selector is a powerful tool created for Minecraft users who want to manage their game worlds more effectively. It enables users […]

Mayan EDMS

Mayan EDMS

Mayan EDMS is a free and open-source electronic document management system that enables businesses to manage and securely store electronic documents. Users […] is an open-source communication platform that enables safe, decentralised communication. is a federated network, which means that users can communicate […]



MaxVeloSSD is a sophisticated software solution for improving the storage system performance of your computer. This utility is intended to improve the […]



MatterControl is a powerful and easy-to-use 3D printing program that allows users to easily build and manipulate 3D models. It has numerous […]



MATRIC is a robust remote control software that enables users to connect to and operate their PCs from mobile devices. Users may […]



MapForge is a robust mapping program created specifically for tabletop roleplaying games. It also enables game masters and dungeon masters to design […]

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is an easy-to-use open-source operating system built on the renowned Arch Linux distribution. It provides both novice and advanced users […]



MangoHUD is a free and open-source performance monitoring application for Linux-based gaming PCs. It is intended to assist users in analysing and […]



MailWasher is a robust email filtering program that allows users to successfully manage their mailbox. It offers a novel approach to spam […]



Mailvelope is a browser extension that encrypts email conversations from beginning to end. It is an effective technology that enables users to […]

Mailtrack for Gmail

Mailtrack for Gmail

Mailtrack for Gmail is a robust email tracking application that allows users to quickly track their email communications in real time. It […]



MailStore is email archiving and backup software that allows users to store and manage their email data securely. Users can use MailStore […]



MailScanner is an open-source email security system that aids in the protection of email servers against viruses, spam, and other dangerous threats. […]



Mailpile is a safe, easy-to-use email client that prioritises privacy and control. Its open-source code enables users to customise the software and […]



Mailman is a robust email management proogram that allows users to take control of their inboxes and boost productivity. Users may regulate […]



Mailbutler is email management software that allows users to boost their productivity and efficiency when working with emails. It includes a wide […]

MAGIX PhotoStory

MAGIX PhotoStory

MAGIX PhotoStory is a sleek software that allows users to easily create gorgeous photo and video slideshows. It also allows users to […]



MacUpdater is a software application that assists Mac users in keeping their apps up-to-date and secure. Users can easily scan their Macs […]



MacPass is a safe and simple password manager created particularly for Mac users. Users can use this sophisticated application to securely save […]

Macro Deck

Macro Deck

Macro Deck is a strong software application created for Windows users who wish to improve their workflow and efficiency. Users can use […]



Machinarium is a graphically gorgeous and award-winning puzzle game that transports players on a whimsical journey through a bright and imaginative universe […]



MacFamilyTree is an all-in-one genealogical software package built exclusively for Mac users. This sophisticated and user-friendly software allows users to effortlessly create, […]

Mac Product Key Finder

Mac Product Key Finder

Mac Product Key Finder is a robust software application that enables users to quickly and simply recover lost or forgotten product keys […]

Mac Mouse Fix

Mac Mouse Fix

Mac Mouse Fix is a simple and effective program developed to assist Mac users in resolving mouse sensitivity and acceleration difficulties. This […]



lysthub is a forward-thinking website dedicated to bridging the gap between data and public opinion. The platform has a distinct and user-friendly […]



Lutris is a powerful open-source gaming platform that makes managing and playing your favourite games simple. Lutris allows gamers to install and […]

LuLu by Objective-See

LuLu by Objective-See is a free and open-source firewall. It is a minimalistic and efficient solution for monitoring and controlling incoming and […]


Lubuntu is an open-source, lightweight Linux operating system based on Ubuntu. It is intended to run on older and lower-spec hardware without […]

LT Browser

LT Browser is a new web development tool that simplifies and accelerates website testing and debugging. Users may utilise LT Browser to […]

Love and Order

Love and Order is a visual novel game that incorporates romance, mystery, and drama aspects. It tells the narrative of Dana, a […]


Loudplay is a cloud gaming platform that lets you play your favourite games on nearly any device with an internet connection. It […]


Lorempixel is an excellent resource for web developers and designers seeking high-quality photos for their projects. You may quickly decide on an […]


Loopback is a robust audio routing software for Mac that allows users to build virtual audio devices and channels for convenient audio […]


LogicalDOC is a feature-rich document management system that is meant to simplify the document management process. It is an excellent tool for […]


Logfusion is a versatile log monitoring program intended for the Windows operating system that allows users to easily analyse, monitor, and manage […]


LogExpert is a sophisticated and user-friendly log file viewer for Windows that allows users to easily analyse and monitor log files. LogExpert […]


LNAV is a robust command-line program that allows users to rapidly and efficiently view and analyse log files. LNAV is a wonderful […]


LiveCode is a strong and versatile programming language that allows users to create high-quality software and applications for a variety of platforms […]


Litematica is a powerful Minecraft mod that allows players to easily construct and modify schematics for their Minecraft builds. It includes a […]


LinuxGSM (Linux Game Server Managers) is an open-source command-line utility for managing game servers on Linux platforms. Users may quickly install, create, […]

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a well-known Linux distribution with a user-friendly design and ease of use. The distribution is based on Ubuntu and […]


Linthesia is a free and open-source music game that allows players to practise their piano skills in a pleasant and engaging environment. […]


Linode is a cloud computing platform that offers users dependable and scalable infrastructure for hosting websites and apps. Users can quickly deploy […]


Linkman is a robust bookmark organiser that assists users in organising and managing their bookmarks. Users can use Linkman to store and […]


LinearMouse is a key mapping program that enables users to customise their mouse buttons for increased productivity and usability. This program is […]


LinceBI is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that offers robust data analytics and reporting solutions to assist businesses in making better decisions. […]

Lightning Calendar

Lightning Calendar is a popular open-source calendar extension for the email applications Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. It is intended to give users […]


Lidarr is a music library management software that automates music downloading and organisation. It is open-source software that lets users search for […]


LibreOffice is a free and open-source office productivity software suite that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. LibreOffice is a suite of […]


LessPass is a robust and secure password manager that is meant to make maintaining passwords across different devices and platforms easier. The […]

Less Lag

Less Lag is a popular Minecraft mod that removes texture animations to enhance game performance on low-end PCs and larger mod packs. […]

Legends of Honor

Legends of Honour is a browser-based strategy game that allows users to create and control their own mediaeval country. Players in this […]

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is a robust genealogy program that lets you easily construct, manage, and share your family tree. You can effortlessly […]

Leatrix Latency Fix

Leatrix Latency Fix is a software application that can assist in reducing online game latency and improving gaming performance. When there is […]

Lazesoft Recovery Suite

Lazesoft Recovery Suite is a robust and versatile solution for recovering lost or corrupted data from Windows PCs. Whether you have accidentally […]

Launcher Service

Launcher Service is an essential component of any modern operating system or software system, allowing users to easily launch and manage their […]


LaunchBox is a feature-rich gaming front-end program that enables users to easily organise and play their favourite games. Users can develop unique […]


LanguageTool is an advanced online grammar checker and proofreading tool that assists users in identifying and correcting grammatical, spelling, and stylistic faults […]


LambdaTest is a robust cloud-based testing platform that allows developers and testers to perform automated and manual testing of web applications across […]

L.A Noire

L.A Noire is a popular video game created by Rockstar Games set in 1940s Los Angeles. The game features LAPD investigator Cole […]


Kumo is an open-source word cloud generator that draws inspiration from popular services like Wordle, Tagxedo, and Word Crams, but with a […]


Kubuntu is a well-known Linux-based operating system that provides users with a familiar and customisable desktop environment powered by the KDE Plasma […]


Kualitee is a comprehensive software testing and quality assurance platform that offers users a one-stop shop for managing their software testing processes. […]


KSysGuard is a robust system monitoring utility for Linux-based operating systems. It provides users with a complete overview of their system’s performance […]

Kohl’s Admin Infinite

Kohl’s Admin Infinite is a popular Roblox game in which players may create and administer their own virtual environment. Kohl’s Admin Infinite […]


Knoppix is a popular and adaptable Linux-based operating system that can be operated entirely on a live CD or USB device with […]


KMTTG is a robust and adaptable solution for managing TiVo recordings. KMTTG’s extensive features and user-friendly interface make it simple for consumers […]


KMix is a robust and adaptable audio mixer for Linux computers. It allows users to easily manage and modify their audio settings. […]


klogg is a straightforward yet sophisticated open-source tool for reading and analysing log data. it has a user-friendly interface and owns an […]

Klipfolio Dashboard

Klipfolio Dashboard is a data visualisation and business intelligence software that is cloud-based and built for enterprises of all sizes. It allows […]

kiwi TCMS

Kiwi TCMS is a robust and adaptable test case management solution for software development teams. To gain insight into their testing efforts, […]


KiTTY is a free and open-source Windows terminal emulator based on the popular PuTTY program. It provides a wealth of capabilities and […]

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defence game that has received positive feedback for its addicting gameplay and charming art style. Players must […]

Kindergarten Kids Learning

Kindergarten Kids Learning is a fun and engaging educational tool designed to help young children master vital skills. The software includes a […]


Killexams is a website that offers a variety of exam preparation resources to students and professionals who want to improve their knowledge […]


Kid3 is a robust open-source audio tag editor that allows users to manage and update music metadata. Users of Kid3 can simply […]


Keysticks is a software tool that allows users to utilise a game controller to operate PC games and applications. Users can utilise […]


Keystarter is a software application that provides an innovative method of controlling computer tasks by using a virtual on-screen keyboard. Users can […]


Keycloak is an open-source identity and access management solution that provides web and mobile apps with robust security features and user authentication. […]

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is a robust automation application that allows users to automate repetitive processes and improve their workflows. Users can develop macros […]


Ketarin is a portable application that can assist users to keep their software up to date by downloading and installing the most […]

Kerish Doctor

Kerish Doctor is a comprehensive maintenance and optimisation software for Windows that can assist users in improving the performance and stability of […]


Keka is a macOS file archiving program that provides a simple and easy way to compress and extract data. Keka allows users […]


KeeWeb is a password management program that provides an easy and safe method of storing and managing passwords. It enables users to […]


Keepsafe is a popular app that allows users to store and manage important files and data in a secure and private environment. […]


KeepingYouAwake is a free and open-source Mac application that keeps your system from entering sleep mode, allowing you to stay awake for […]


Keeper is a highly secure password manager that protects users’ sensitive information with powerful encryption techniques. It is a password manager that […]


KeePassXC is a free and open-source password manager that allows users to manage their passwords, login credentials, and other sensitive data. The […]


KeePass is a sophisticated and secure password manager that is suitable for both personal and business use. Users can generate and save […]


Keefox is a password manager that works with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Users can keep and manage their credentials securely on […]

KDE Partition Manager

KDE Partition Manager is a partitioning application built for Linux-based operating systems that allow users to manage and organise their disc partitions […]


Kazam is a screen recording and screenshot utility for Linux-based systems. Kazam allows users to customise their recording settings, such as selecting […]


Kawaks is a well-known emulator that allows users to play classic arcade games on Windows-based computers. The platform is intended to be […]


KatMouse is a little yet effective tool that improves the mouse wheel’s usefulness. The platform is designed to be lightweight and simple […]

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a robust and effective malware removal tool that assists users in detecting and removing viruses, spyware, trojans, […]

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is a dependable cybersecurity program that provides real-time protection against a variety of malware and cyber threats. The platform is […]

Karabiner Elements

Karabiner Elements is a robust keyboard customizer and remapping program for macOS that allows users to tailor the behaviour of their keyboard […]


Kaneva is a social virtual world platform that allows users to create and customise their own virtual worlds, interact with other users, […]

JW Player

JW Player is a robust video player and platform for publishers, corporations, and developers that offers comprehensive video playback and management functions. […]

Just Install

Just Install is a software installation utility that makes installing and upgrading software on Windows systems easier. The platform provides a simple […]


Jupyter is a free and open-source platform for data science and scientific computing. The platform includes a web-based interactive interface that allows […]


JSTorrent is a robust torrent client that lets users download and manage torrent files directly from their browser. Users can use JSTorrent […]


JStock is a comprehensive stock market software that delivers real-time stock information, portfolio management tools, and market analysis capabilities to users. Users […]


JsDiagram is a robust diagramming application that allows users to easily build and customise different sorts of diagrams. JsDiagram provides a user-friendly […]


JQBX is a social music network that unites music fans by allowing them to listen and communicate in real time. JQBX allows […]


JPEGView is a lightweight image reader and editor that works with a variety of image formats, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and […]


Journey is a journaling tool for capturing and organising your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. It is an excellent resource for anyone who […]


JointJS is a robust open-source JavaScript toolkit that provides a versatile and adaptable platform for developing interactive diagramming and visualisation tools. Its […]

JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard is an open-source Windows and Mac software that allows users to construct and maintain soundboards for podcasts, live events, and […]


Jitouch is a Mac software application that allows users to use multi-touch movements on their trackpads. It is ideal for Mac users […]


JDiskReport is a disc analysis program that allows users to visually investigate their disc utilisation and determine which files and folders consume […]


JChemPaint is a Java-based open-source software tool for painting chemical structures and making chemical diagrams. It is a popular chemical structure editor […]

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit is a popular open-source JavaScript data visualisation library. It offers a variety of tools and capabilities to assist developers […]


Jami is an open-source communication platform that allows users to make audio and video conversations, send instant messages, share files, and build […]


James is a robust HTTP proxy and monitors that assists developers in real-time analysis and debugging of online requests. You can use […]


Jaikoz is a versatile music labelling and management program that enables users to organise and edit their music libraries with ease. It […]

Jade Empire

Jade Empire is an action-packed role-playing game that is set in a fictional country inspired by ancient China, and its plot follows […]

JACK Audio Connection Kit

JACK Audio Connection Kit is a professional-grade audio interface system for Linux, Unix, and Windows that allows users to connect to low-latency, […]


j4-dmenu-desktop is a lightweight and customisable menu launcher for Linux that allows users to quickly access their favourite apps and folders. It […]

Izotope RX7

iZotope RX7 is a robust audio restoration and editing program that includes a wide range of tools for cleaning and repairing audio […]


IZArc is a powerful and easy-to-use compression and archive management program that allows users to effortlessly generate, extract, and manage a variety […]


iWork is a productivity software suite that includes Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. Each program is intended to give users a comprehensive collection […]


IVRE is a robust open-source network reconnaissance platform that enables users to easily map and visualise complicated networks. It is a versatile […]


iVCam is a popular webcam software that turns an iPhone or iPad into a high-definition camera for a computer. It is a […]


iTrash is a robust Mac OS X uninstaller that assists users in removing undesirable applications and files from their system. It is […]


iTop is a web-based IT service management (ITSM) solution developed to assist organisations in more effectively managing their IT infrastructure and services. […]

iToolab FixGo

iToolab FixGo is an innovative software solution meant to assist iOS users in resolving common problems with their iPhones, iPads, and iPods. […]


ITOM, or IT Operations Management, is a complete strategy for managing and optimising an organization’s IT infrastructure and operations. It entails using […]

iStat Menus

iStat Menus is a popular system monitoring program that gives users a detailed picture of their system’s performance and resource utilisation. It […]

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is an advanced authoring tool for developing e-learning courses and interactive presentations. It provides a comprehensive collection of capabilities that […]

Iriun Webcam

Iriun Webcam is a versatile mobile app that turns your smartphone into a high-quality webcam that you can use in a variety […]


Ipstack is an IP address information and geolocation API that offers users a comprehensive set of data to analyse and optimise their […]

iPhone Backup Viewer

iPhone Backup Viewer is a useful tool for accessing and viewing data from your iPhone backup files. You may simply extract and […]


IPFSTube is a novel and decentralised video hosting platform that enables users to publish, view, and share videos while maintaining total privacy […]

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is a program that will assist you in uninstalling undesirable programs and removing any residual files or registry entries that […] is a website that allows users to create and host virtual events including webinars, conferences, and meetups. It is intended to […]

InvGate Service Desk

InvGate Service Desk is an IT service management (ITSM) platform that offers a variety of tools and capabilities to help enterprises manage […]

Intelliverse Email Tracker

Intelliverse Email Tracker is a program that tracks email opens, clicks, and answers and sends you notifications in real time. You can […]

IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA is a prominent integrated development environment (IDE). It is tailored to Java developers and includes a variety of features […]


inSSIDer is a powerful Wi-Fi network scanner and analyzer that helps users to optimise the operation of their wireless networks. IT professionals, […]


Insppectrum is a versatile software tool for analysing and manipulating spectroscopic data. It is intended to work with a wide range of […]


InsomniaX is a one-of-a-kind utility software that prevents your Mac from sleeping. It is an essential tool for people who need their […]

Insomnia Rest Client

Insomnia Rest Client is a well-known open-source REST API testing and debugging tool. It has an easy-to-use user interface that allows developers […]

in’side log

In’side Log is a robust log analysis tool that enables users to analyse and visualise log data from various sources. It also […]


iNetFusion is a networking software that combines numerous internet connections into a single, quicker and more consistent connection. It accomplishes this by […]


Impact is a sophisticated utility mod for the well-known video game Minecraft. It is well-known for its broad set of features and […]


imapsync is a robust command-line utility for transferring email messages between IMAP servers. It is a popular option for individuals who need […]


IMAPSize is a robust email management program that allows users to control and manipulate their IMAP email messages. It is a popular […]


Imagus is a browser plugin that lets you preview photos and movies by hovering your mouse over a link. Unlike other image […]


ImagePreviewer is a lightweight and simple image reader for Windows that allows users to quickly and simply preview picture files without opening […]


ImageMagick is a sophisticated and adaptable command-line application for manipulating and converting images in a number of formats. ImageMagick allows users to […]


ImageGlass is a free and open-source image viewer for Windows that enables users to easily view, edit, and manage image files. It […]

Image Search Options

Image Search Options are a collection of tools and features that enable users to narrow down their search results while looking for […]

Image Preview

Image Preview is a built-in picture viewer for macOS devices that allows users to see their image files quickly and effortlessly. Image […]

Image Eye

Image Eye is a versatile and powerful picture viewer for Windows devices. It allows users to see and manage their image files […]

Image Downloader

Image Downloader is a handy application for downloading and organising photographs from the internet. Users may simply download images from websites, social […]


IETester is a free web browser emulator for Microsoft Windows that lets users test their websites and online apps on many versions […]


iDisplay is a multifunctional app that allows users to extend the screen of their desktop computer to numerous devices, including smartphones, tablets, […]


ideaMaker is a robust 3D printing slicer program that allows users to print-ready their 3D models by producing high-quality, optimised printing routes. […]


iDailyDiary is a personal diary program for Windows users. It enables users to build and manage a digital journal that includes text […]


ICQ is a real-time messaging network that allows users to interact with friends, family, and colleagues. ICQ is one of the original […]


iCollections is a desktop organisation application created specifically for Mac users. It allows users to group desktop icons, files, and folders into […]

iCloud Bookmarks

iCloud Bookmarks is a cloud-based service that syncs users’ bookmarks across all of their Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Users […]


IceSL is a sophisticated and versatile 3D printing and modelling software program. It enables users to design and create elaborate 3D models […]

iBackup Extractor

iBackup Extractor is a program that extracts and recovers data from iTunes backups of iOS devices. It’s a lifesaver for anyone who […]

HyperNext Studio

HyperNext Studio is a robust software development tool that enables users to construct their own desktop and mobile applications. It is great […]

HWiNFO (32/64)

HWiNFO (32/64) is an advanced system information utility that offers users detailed information about their hardware components and system configurations. Because of […]


Huginn is a robust and adaptable application that offers a variety of features and tools for creating customised automation workflows. It helps […]


HTTrack is a sophisticated and easy-to-use program that offers a variety of functions and capabilities for downloading websites and web pages for […]


HttpFox is a robust web debugging tool that enables users to examine HTTP communication between their browser and the web server. HttpFox’s […]

HTTP Toolkit

HTTP Toolkit is a comprehensive and easy-to-use application that offers a variety of features and tools for analysing and intercepting HTTP and […]

HTTP Debugger

HTTP Debugger is a sophisticated and all-encompassing tool that offers a variety of features and tools for analysing and debugging HTTP traffic. […]


htop is a sophisticated and adaptable process monitoring tool that offers a variety of features and capabilities for real-time monitoring of system […]

Hover Zoom+

Hover Zoom+ is a powerful and user-friendly browser plugin that allows users to magnify and preview photos and videos without having to […]

Hotel Dash

Hotel Dash is a fun and addicting time management game in which players take on the role of a hotel manager tasked […]


Honeygain is a creative and one-of-a-kind program that allows users to make passive cash by sharing their internet connection with others. The […]


Homedale is a free and sophisticated wireless network monitoring program that allows users to quickly monitor and analyse their Wi-Fi network’s condition. […]


Holyrics is a strong and user-friendly lyrics search engine that allows users to quickly and easily find lyrics for their favourite songs. […]


HitmanPro is an advanced anti-malware software that detects and removes many sorts of malware from your computer, such as viruses, spyware, trojans, […]

HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro is a strong video editing and compositing application aimed at professional filmmakers and video producers. It has a comprehensive set […]

Hiren’s BootCD PE

Hiren’s BootCD PE is a complete system recovery and repair utility developed to assist users in diagnosing and repairing computer problems. This […]


Higan is a cutting-edge multi-system emulator that allows users to play old video games from several platforms such as the Super Nintendo […]

HiBit Uninstaller

HiBit Uninstaller is a free software application that helps users to uninstall undesirable programs, drivers, and Windows apps from their PCs swiftly […]


HFSExplorer is a free and open-source software tool that lets users on Windows PCs to browse and examine files on Mac-formatted hard […]


Hetzner is a web hosting service that provides a variety of hosting services to companies of all sizes. Their platform has an […]


Heroku is a cloud-based platform that makes it simple for developers to launch, manage, and grow their apps. Developers may use Heroku […]

Hero Mini Maker

Hero Mini Maker is a powerful and user-friendly 3D printing tool that is intended to make 3D printing simple and accessible to […] is a sophisticated and easy-to-use helpdesk software that is designed to expedite customer service and improve overall customer experience. Businesses can […]


Helm is a versatile and powerful synthesiser that provides artists and producers with a variety of features and capabilities. Because the software […]


HelloID is an identity and access management (IAM) solution that simplifies and secures access to your organization’s resources. Users may manage their […]

Helio Workstation

Helio Workstation is a free and open-source DAW for music production and audio recording. It provides a solid and efficient workflow for […]

Hekasoft Backup & Restore

Hekasoft Backup & Restore is a dependable and effective backup program developed to safeguard critical data and files from unexpected data loss. […]

Hej Stylus! V2.0

Stylus! V2.0 is a strong and versatile software tool for graphic designers and digital artists that work with graphic tablets. It includes […]

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an immersive interactive drama video game. The game’s plot is around an origami killer who kidnaps children and drowns […]


Headspin is a robust and comprehensive mobile testing platform that allows developers and quality assurance engineers to test their mobile applications across […]


Headphones is a free and open-source music manager and automated music downloader for Usenet and BitTorrent. It may be used to search […]


HDDTurbo is a sophisticated software utility that optimises the performance of your hard disc. This software is specifically built to operate with […]

HD Admin

HD Admin is an open-source administration program for the Roblox platform that provides a user-friendly interface. It is intended to make managing […]


Healcomputer is a prominent website that offers its visitors the most recent computer games, PCs, software, antivirus, and computer tips. Healcomputer is […]


hBlock is an open-source ad-blocking program that is intended to prevent advertisements, trackers, and malware. It operates by preventing access to well-known […]

Harmony Improvisator

Harmony Improvisator is a powerful software application meant to help musicians compose and improvise music. Its powerful algorithms and user-friendly interface enable […]

Handy Start Menu

Handy Start Menu is a Windows software application that improves the Start menu experience. Users may effortlessly access their programs, files, and […]


Haiku is a personal computer-oriented open-source operating system. It is based on the BeOS operating system. Haiku is well-known for its minimalistic […]

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is an Android messaging app that provides a variety of features to improve the texting experience. Users of Handcent SMS […]


Gwibber is a free and open-source microblogging app that lets users access and manage several social network accounts from a single platform. […]

Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory is a fun and hard physics-based racing game. The game has a story mode and a level editor, making […]


Guilded is a platform that allows gamers to communicate, organise, and remain connected. The platform has a variety of features and functionality, […]

Guild Wars

Guild Wars is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). The game, set in the imaginary world of Tyria, has a significant […]


Gufw is a robust and user-friendly firewall program for Linux-based systems. Its main interface gives users a rapid summary of the current […]


gThumb is a popular open-source image viewer and organiser that offers a wide range of functions for managing your digital photographs. It […]


GSnap is a pitch correction plugin for digital audio workstations (DAWs) that is free and open source. It offers a powerful collection […]


gscan2pdf is a sophisticated and user-friendly tool for scanning documents and converting them to PDF format. It simply offers a full range […]


gRun is a visually appealing and powerful application launcher for the GNOME desktop environment. It allows you to run apps, open files, […]


Grub2Win is a powerful bootloader manager that lets you boot various operating systems on your Windows computer. It provides a simple interface […]

Grub Customizer

Grub Customizer is an advanced graphical application for customising the GRUB bootloader for Linux-based operating systems. It also offers a user-friendly interface […]


GRUB (GNU GRand Unified Bootloader) is a popular bootloader for Linux-based systems. GRUB is in charge of loading the operating system kernel […]


Groupy is a cutting-edge desktop management solution that organises your windows into tabs, making it simple to transition between different applications and […]


Gromit-MPX is a powerful program that allows you to easily annotate and highlight your computer screen.  Gromit-MPX allows you to draw directly […]


GridMove is a sophisticated window management application that can help you organise your desktop and boost your productivity. GridMove allows you to […]

GRCs DNS Benchmark

GRC’s DNS Benchmark is a robust tool that allows you to rapidly and easily test the performance of your DNS (Domain Name […]

Gray Matter

Grey Matter is an exciting adventure game that mixes puzzle-solving with an interesting storyline. It is a brilliant game that takes you […]


GrandPerspective is a free and open-source disc space analyzer that lets you simply visualise your file system and identify which files or […]


Gramps is a free and open-source genealogy program that allows users to build and manage family trees, track family history, and generate […]

Grammarian PRO3

Grammarian PRO3 is an advanced grammar and spell checker software for Mac users. It can detect and repair different grammar issues, typos, […]


Grammalecte is a free and open-source grammar checker that assists users in improving the quality of their writing. It includes advanced capabilities […]


grab-site is an advanced archiving program that allows users to download and save full websites for offline use. Users can download complete […]


Gqrx is a software-defined radio (SDR) program that lets users experiment with radio frequencies. It has a graphical user interface that allows […]

Google Messages

Google Messages is a messaging program created by Google. It is the default messaging software for many Android smartphones and can be […]

Google Images Download

Google Images Download is a free and open-source application that allows users to download many photos from the Google search engine at […]

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform that enables users to save, access, and share files and documents from any location and […]

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is a lightweight, cloud-based operating system developed for use with Chromebooks, which are low-cost laptop computers that run the […]

Go dispatch proxy

Go dispatch proxy is an open-source load balancing and reverse proxy utility that is used to disperse network traffic among different servers. […]


GnuPG is an open-source encryption and digital signature application used on Linux-based systems to secure communication and data. Users can use GnuPG […]

GNU Wget

GNU Wget is a robust open-source command-line program for retrieving files from the internet on Linux-based systems. Users can use GNU Wget […]

GNU social

GNU social is a free and open-source microblogging platform that enables decentralised social networking. Users can build and join social networks, post […]

GNU Radio

GNU Radio is a sophisticated open-source software development toolkit, to construct and implement software-defined radio systems on Linux-based computers. Users can use […]

GNU Octave

GNU Octave is a sophisticated open-source numerical computing application that is frequently used by engineers, scientists, and researchers on Linux-based systems to […]

GNU Backgammon

GNU Backgammon is a well-known and strong open-source backgammon program where users can play against the computer or against other online players, […]


GNS3 is a popular and capable network simulation application that network engineers and information technology professionals use to develop and test complex […]

GNOME System Monitor

GNOME System Monitor is a robust and comprehensive utility for monitoring and managing system resources on Linux-based systems. Users can quickly track […]


Gnome-Pie is a one-of-a-kind and revolutionary application launcher for Linux-based PCs. It allows users to use a pie menu to launch their […]


GNOME Do is a multipurpose launcher program that helps users rapidly access their favourite files, apps, and websites. It also allows users […]

GNOME Disk Utility

GNOME Disk Utility is a comprehensive utility for managing and monitoring storage devices. Users may simply create and format partitions, mount and […]

Gnome Completion-Run Utility

Gnome Completion-Run Utility is a sophisticated utility that provides command-line auto-completion capability. Users can save time and increase productivity by effortlessly completing […]

GNOME Bluetooth

GNOME Bluetooth is an easy-to-use application that allows users to manage Bluetooth devices on Linux-based PCs. Users can connect and disconnect from […]


GLPI is a free and open-source IT and asset management software that assists businesses in managing their IT resources, including hardware and […]


Glowstone is an open-source Minecraft server meant to be quick, customizable, and compatible with a variety of plugins. It is written in […]


glogg is a multi-platform log file explorer that allows users to easily browse and analyse big and complex log files. It has […]


Glances is a cross-platform monitoring tool that provides a thorough real-time overview of system performance. It is an open-source project that monitors […]


Git is a free and open-source distributed version management system designed to handle projects of all sizes with speed and efficiency. The […]


gInk is a lightweight, open-source application that offers a straightforward solution for producing and altering digital sketches or drawings. It provides a […]


Ginger is an artificial intelligence-powered writing aid that assists users in improving their writing skills. It includes features like grammar and spelling […] is an online multiplayer game that mixes drawing, guessing, and socialising features. Participants can enter a public or private game room […]


GetDataBack is a robust data recovery program that enables users to recover lost or damaged files from a variety of storage media. […]


GestureSign is a sophisticated program that allows Windows users to modify touchpad gestures. Users can easily develop their own custom gestures and […]


Gentoo is a strong and adaptable Linux distribution aimed at experienced users and developers. Gentoo’s portage package management system is one of […]


GeneWeb is open-source genealogical software that allows users to create, update, and manage family trees. Its user-friendly interface and sophisticated features make […]


GeekUninstaller is a robust software utility that allows users to swiftly and simply remove unwanted programs and software from their PCs. Also, […]


GEEKtyper is an entertaining and engaging web tool that allows users to simulate typing code on their computer screen. Its authentic-looking code […]

GD Anywhere

GD Anywhere is a cutting-edge system requirement and PC game analysis application that provides a wide range of information about any game […]


gbrainy is a popular brain training game that allows you to exercise your brain and enhance your cognitive skills in a fun […]


Gargoyle is a strong open-source interactive fiction (IF) player that provides gamers with a unique and immersive gaming experience. The software simply […]


Garena is a renowned online gaming platform that provides a diverse choice of games and services to gamers all over the world. […]


GanttProject is a robust project management application that allows users to develop and manage complex project plans. Users may simply establish project […]

Gandalf’s Windows 10PE

Gandalf’s Windows 10PE is a sophisticated utility tool that offers users a bootable Windows environment for troubleshooting and system repair. The utility […]


GameHub is a complete gaming platform with a variety of features and tools for players of all skill levels. The platform features […]

Game Character Hub

Game Character Hub is a powerful software solution developed for indie game developers, artists, and designers that wish to rapidly and easily […]


Gadkit is an online marketplace where you can find and buy a wide variety of unique and innovative products that cater to […]

FV Player

FV Player is a WordPress video player plugin. It’s a free plugin with a variety of useful features that can be used […]


FusionAuth is an open-source Identity and Access Management (IAM) system that allows developers to include authentication and authorisation into their applications. It […]


FullContact is a cloud-based contact management service that allows people and businesses to maintain their address book in one place. Users can […]


FSlint is a robust open-source application for Linux-based operating systems that assists users in cleaning up and optimising their file systems. It […]


FSearch is a free desktop search software for Linux-based operating systems that allows users to rapidly locate files and directories on their […]


Friendica is a free and open-source social networking platform that connects and communicates with friends and contacts from many social networks and […]


FreshTomato is an open-source firmware meant to replace router firmware. It is an open-source firmware that provides advanced capabilities for routers and […]


Freshdesk is helpdesk software that is cloud-based and allows organisations to handle customer support questions and tickets from a single platform. It […]


FreeWorship is a sophisticated worship presentation software that allows users to build and manage multimedia presentations for church services, events, and other […]


FreeScout is a sophisticated and adaptable open-source help desk software that assists businesses in successfully managing customer assistance requests. It is easy […]


Freeplane is a free, open-source mind mapping software that allows users to effectively generate and manage mind maps. It is available for […]


FreeMind is a popular open-source mind mapping software that enables users to visually organise their thoughts, ideas, and plans. Users can easily […]


Freedcamp is a sophisticated project management and collaboration software that assists teams in better organising, prioritising, and managing their work. It is […]


FreeCommander is a free file management software for Windows that provides a variety of features and tools to assist users in better […]


FreeCap is a simple and free application that allows users to route network connections via a SOCKS server. This can come in […]


freeboard is a web-based data visualisation and dashboard platform that allows users to design their own dashboards and visualisations. Freeboard is an […]

Free SNMP Agent Simulator

Free SNMP Agent Simulator is a sophisticated application that allows network managers to test and mimic SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) devices. […]


FreeArc is a robust compression and archiving utility that enables users to build, maintain, and extract a variety of archive types. It […]

Fractal Mapper

Fractal Mapper is a robust mapping and cartography tool that allows users to build and edit detailed maps for a wide range […]

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a well-known PDF reader and editor that offers a variety of tools and functions for organising and working with […]


Fossil is a distributed version control system (DVCS) that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for project management in software development. Unlike […]

Folderview Screenlet

Folderview Screenlet is a feature-rich and customisable screenlet for Linux-based operating systems that allows you to quickly access your most frequently used […]

FocusOn Image Viewer

FocusOn Image Viewer is a lightweight, quick, and user-friendly image viewer that allows you to easily view and manage your photographs. It […]


fman is a robust and extensible file manager for developers, power users, and anyone looking to simplify their file management routine. The […]

Fluent Bit

Fluent Bit is a lightweight and efficient data collector and forwarder developed for real-time log data collection, processing, and forwarding from diverse […]


Flox is a one-stop shop for organising your entertainment selections. You can effortlessly keep track of your favourite movies, TV episodes, and […]


FlowStone is a powerful graphical programming language for audio and digital signal processing. Users may easily construct complex audio and MIDI effects, […]


Flowcode is a robust platform that enables customers to easily develop and deploy mobile-ready, interactive QR codes and complex campaigns. It has […]


Floccus is an open-source browser extension that allows users to sync bookmarks between browsers and devices. It works with a variety of […]


FlexASIO is a free and open-source ASIO driver that enables the usage of ASIO-compatible audio interfaces with non-ASIO audio applications. It provides […]


Flatbook is a browser extension that enhances your Facebook experience. This revolutionary application improves your browsing experience by altering the look and […]


Flashnote is a lightweight and simple note-taking program that can assist users in keeping track of their thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists. […]

Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync is a valuable feature that allows users to synchronise their browser data across several devices. Users can use Firefox Sync […]


FireDaemon is a robust solution that lets users launch any application or program as a Windows service. This has a lot of […]


Finder is the macOS operating system’s default file management program. It enables users to explore and organise their Mac’s files and folders, […]


Filmstro is a one-of-a-kind music composition software that enables filmmakers, videographers, and other creatives to create personalised soundtracks for their videos. Unlike […]


FileLocator is a sophisticated search engine that allows users to quickly and simply locate files on their computers. It is a flexible […]


Files is a cloud-based file management software that facilitates file sharing and collaboration across several devices. The platform has a minimalistic UI […]


Filelight is a robust disc utilisation analyzer that displays a graphical representation of how users’ storage space is being used. Along with […]


FileCenter is a robust document management application that enables users to organise, exchange, and collaborate on digital documents. It is an all-in-one […]

File Roller

File Roller is a well-known file-archiving application for Linux-based systems. It allows users to compress and decompress files and directories into a […]


Fieldrunners is a well-known tower defence game in which players must defend their turf against waves of attacking opponents. It has a […]


Fiddler is a versatile and robust online debugging tool that allows developers to monitor, examine, and analyse HTTP/HTTPS traffic between their web […]


FFFFLASH is a cutting-edge online fashion shopping service that offers consumers individualised shopping recommendations based on their unique style preferences. Users can […]


Festify is a one-of-a-kind music program that allows users to organise their own collaborative music festivals with friends and family. Users may […]

Fenix for Twitter

Fenix for Twitter is a versatile Twitter client for Android devices that allows users to manage their Twitter accounts in a streamlined […]


Fenice is a robust and feature-rich Twitter client for Windows 10 that offers users an easy-to-use interface for managing their Twitter accounts. […]


Fedora is a free and open-source Linux distribution that offers a robust and dependable operating system to consumers. It is an excellent […] is a cutting-edge music promotion tool that links musicians with their followers while also assisting them in reaching new audiences. Its […]

FCorp Lyric Library

FCorp Lyric Library is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for searching and storing song lyrics. It comes with an enormous database of […]

FCorp Cleaner++

FCorp Cleaner++ is a powerful and easy-to-use system cleaning and optimisation program that assists users in freeing up disc space, optimising system […]

FB Alpha

FB Alpha is a popular arcade emulator that allows computer users to play classic arcade games. With its large collection of arcade […]

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a robust image viewing and editing program that gives users a variety of tools for viewing, editing, and […]


FastSave is a browser plugin that allows users to save photographs and videos from Instagram quickly and simply. It offers consumers a […]


FastMove is file transfer software that allows users to move files and folders to different locations on their Windows PC quickly and […]


FastKeys is a sophisticated automation software for Windows computers that simplifies and accelerates repetitive operations. It has a user-friendly design and offers […]

Far Manager

Far Manager is a robust Windows file manager that helps users to navigate and manage files and folders on their computers. Along […]


Fantastical is a popular calendar app for Mac and iOS devices that has a modern and user-friendly layout that allows users to […]

Fantasia Archive

Fantasia Archive is a world-building and story-creation tool for writers and artists. It includes a number of features and tools that let […]

Fan Page Robot

Fan Page Robot is a social media management application that assists businesses and people in managing their online presence across many platforms. […]


Fallout is a post-apocalyptic video game franchise that immerses players in a world unlike any other. In a harsh and brutal wasteland […]

Faith Teams

Faith Teams is a cloud-based church administration software that assists churches in managing their operations and improving member participation. Churches can use […]


FaceFont is a browser extension that lets you alter the font style of every website you visit. It has a simple and […]

Fab’s AutoBackup

Fab’s AutoBackup is a software program that allows users to back up their data quickly and effortlessly. The software is user-friendly and […]


Fablitec is cutting-edge software that enables designers and engineers to generate gorgeous, high-quality 3D models for a wide range of applications. It […]


F5Bot is a robust and effective web monitoring service that notifies you when your chosen keywords are referenced on various internet platforms […]


ezLinkPreview is a simple and useful browser plugin that improves your web browsing experience by displaying link previews before you click on […]