SmartEdit Writer

Do you want to write a novel, and then smart edit writer is for the users of Microsoft word. You can very easily improve and polish your novel with this for Microsoft word. You can also identify the phrase or word which is overused. The punctuation gets corrected and there will be an improvement in the sentence structure. You can monitor the crutch phrases and words, adverbs with a smart edit writer. You can easily move your scenes just by drag and drop. The images, bookmarks and research material can easily be stored. The notes can also be attached to the folders and scenes. The automatic backups are also provided and the daily work count can also be tracked. When you use a smart edit writer, there is no need to use any other application. It also helps in avoiding any type of misused word and the correction can be done by you. It is an editing tool and you are the creative tool. This is also a tool for self-editing and you can create quality content. The time is also saved by you and you need not worry about your writing as all the corrections are done by it.

If SmartEdit Writer is not working as usual at this time or maybe it’s down permanently then here are some of the best alternatives to SmartEdit Writer which you will surely enjoy.

So, We have got your back! if you want to try some other [category] like SmartEdit Writer then here are some of the best SmartEdit Writer alternatives that you should try:



Best Alternatives To SmartEdit Writer


The latest version of Scrivener is 1.1.5. Scrivener can run on both iOS devices and Android devices. Since the word processor, this is the biggest advance software for writers. All the tools are combined in Scrivener because it is helpful for the writers for creating...

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For writing projects, there is an open-source application and it is called Bibisco. Bibisco is a Java application which is self-contained. You can perform multiple writing projects on Bibisco because Bibisco supports multiple writing projects and any time you can start with a new one....

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Manuskript is an ideal open-source tool for writers. Before writing the writers who love to plan and organize everything use this ideal open-source tool. For making your ideas grow the snowflake method is best. With the help of the outliner feature, you can organize your...

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A free word processor which can break your project into scenes and chapters is known as yWriter. With the help of this word processor, you can keep a record of your work and for creating leaving your mind free. The development environment computer programmer's use...

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A document processor which was designed for those writers who wanted to have a professional output with fewer amounts of effort and without being specialists in typesetting is called LyX. The job of typesetting is not done by you it is mostly done by the...

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Quoll Writer

It is a writing application which helps you to focus on the words. The main thing is that your text will be the focus of the minimal interface. You can very easily convert your ideas into words. All the projects can be managed just at...

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It is a versatile tool which is used for various purposes like drafting the novels, planning the baby purchases and also writing the physical papers. This is basically used for complex documents that are too large. Its collaboration feature is the best which really makes...

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True Novelist

Writing a novel is not really an easy thing. The creation of the true novelist was done so as to make the work of the authors easier. The best thing is that you can organize your research and writing in the way you want. The...

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It is considered the best software for writers, authors, and essayists. It can be used from the draft till the final work and you will never lose the history of your field view. The best thing is it helps you to get control on the...

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It is the virtual reality application of anatomy. It is with the help of 3D organon, you can very easily manipulate the bones, organs, vessels, muscles and various other anatomical structures in the 3D space. The structures can be examined from all the angles; you...

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